PMP 35 Contact Hours / PDU Validity Period – Do They Expire?

PMP PDU Validity

I have written this post to remove any confusion regarding 35 contact hours of project management education and PMI’s requirements of Professional Development Units (PDUs). This is the only resource you will ever need to ascertain the validity of PMI’s PMP PDUs and expiry period of 35 contact hours.

Here is the situation – a few years ago you took PMP 35 contact hours training and were contemplating about applying for the exam. But for some reasons you didn’t take the exam. Now you are confused about the validity of 35 hours of project management education. You getting bugged with questions like these:

  • What is the PMP PDU validity?
  • When do PMP PDU expire?
  • What is the validity period of PMP 35 contact hours training?
  • For how long can you use 35 hours training for appearing the exam before it expires?
  • Is there a time limit for 35 PDU training?

If you want answer to these questions then you are at the right place. I will answer these questions in this post. But some of these question are not entirely correct. There is a difference between PDU and 35 Contact Hours. Let us talk more about PDU and 35 hours of project management education. There are 2 different things:

  • PDU is an acronym for Professional Development Units – If you are a PMI certified professional, you need to collect PDUs during certification cycle. For example, you need to collect 60 PDU in 3 yearss to remain PMP certified.
  • 35 Contact Hours simply means 35 hours of project management education – If you are a certification then you do not need PDU. For example, you need 35 hours training to appear for PMP exam.

PMI PMP PDU Validity Period

The PDUs need to be acquired by a certified professional (e.g. PMP) after attaining the certification.  The PDUs are needed for Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). A PMP certificate is valid for 3 years. To continue the certificate beyond 3 years, a PMP holder has to acquire 60 PDUs during the 3 years cycle.

The PDUs expire after 3 years. They have a validity within the Certification Cycle.

For more information you can refer to CCR Handbook available on

PMP 35 Contact Hours Validity

Most PMP aspirants choose to use the term “PDU” instead of “Contact Hours”. Usually, they have been mislead by the training companies. Many training make false claims that they provide 35 PDU. They, instead provide PMP 35 hours training. The 35 hours are required to meet the mandatory requirements for appearing in the PMP Exam.

The 35 Contact Hours do not expire. They have a lifelong validity.

The 35 hours of education can also be used as 35 PDUs for CCR, but only after you become PMP certified. For more information you can refer to PMP Handbook available on

Next Steps

If you have already taken exam prep training, then you should not waste any more time – you should write the exam immediately. If you took the training a few years ago then it is beneficial to take the training again – you can read more about it in 6 reasons to do PMP Training again.

If you have not taken any exam prep training, then you should take it immediately. After doing the training, set a specific time target and follow a schedule to get the certificate. You can crack the exam within 4-8 weeks of attending the training. You can read more about it in How much time is required for PMP preparation?.

Over To You

Are you ready for the exam? If not, what is holding you back? Was you r earlier training useful? Please leave a comment. Perhaps I can help you.

Good luck to all the PMP aspirants.

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