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Validate your knowledge of PMP Mathematical Formulas by practicing questions before writing the PMP Exam.

Current Edition of The PMBOK Guide

PMI released the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition in Aug 2021 but the primary reference for the PMP exam is still 6th Edition. You can click here to find the PMP Exam reference list.

I also sent an email to Project Management Institute (PMI) asking about the primary reference guide for the PMP Exam in 2021. I asked them, "Which is the Primary Reference Guide for PMP Exam Preparation in 2021?"

Following is an excerpt from PMI's reply mail:

"Thank you for contacting the Project Management Institute.

We have received your query regarding the PMBOK guide.

We kindly need to inform you that the primary reference that you should refer back to for PMBOK guide is the 6th edition."

The PMP Mathematics Quiz is based on the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Why Are PMP Formulas Based Questions Annoying And Frustrating?


PMBOK Guide 6th Edition provides very little explanation about formulas.


There are too many small mathematical concepts from diverse topics that are tough to understand.


The formulas are difficult to co-relate with the real project management scenarios.


You need to practice a lot of questions and there are very few sources to do so.

Formulas based questions are complex and annoying. But, like many other things in life, you have to ace them to crack the PMP exam.

Can you score well in the PMP exam without practicing formulas based questions?

No! Practicing formulas based questions is a necessary evil.

Hey! I am Praveen Malik.

I passed my PMP exam in the year 2005. In those days, the PMBOK Guide was much thinner than it is today. It was about one-fourth the size of today's version but it essentially had the same Mathematical concepts.

If you believe that the explanation of Mathematical concepts is not good in the PMBOK Guide then think of the plight of students in those days.

When I took the exam, there was hardly any PMP preparation material. At that time, the students could have only wished for quizzes or mock tests. There were no simulators or reference books covering Mathematical topics in detail. To make the matters worse, the Internet was in its infancy and there were no additional study material.

Back in 2005, I was afraid of Mathematical Questions. All the formulas essentially looked the same. Initially, I could not figure out which formula had to be applied where.

I had many anxious moments while preparing for the Exam but, ultimately, I overcame all odds to pass the exam with flying colors. The best part is that I did not memorize any of the formulas.

So, how did I prepare?

While studying, I went through the Mathematical concepts many times over till I understood them well.

I practiced questions and then practiced some more...

Things have changed since then.

I became a full time trainer and coach in the year 2008. As an independent trainer, I wanted to provide the best study material to my students. So, I created a PMP Mathematical Quiz.

That Quiz has been refined over the last few years as the exam changed. You can take this Quiz to validate your learning and knowledge of the Formulas before taking the actual exam.

Over the years, I have received positive feedback from my students about the ITTO Quiz. It has given confidence to hundreds of students to successfully pass the PMP exam.

Memorizing formulas doesn't work in Mathematics. Practice a lot of questions to gain confidence.

Memorizing formulas doesn't work in Mathematics. Practice a lot of questions to gain confidence.

Get Rid of "How Do I Remember PMP Formulas?" Problem

1. Check Yourself

Practice a lot of questions and validate your knowledge of the PMP Formulas.

2. Increase Confidence

Gather confidence to apply for the PMP exam.

3. Pass PMP

Take the PMP exam only after you are ready for it.

Practice Makes Perfect

PMP Mathematics Quiz

Crack the PMP exam by practicing formulas based questions.

  • Practice and then practice again. Practice makes a person perfect.
  • Predict your future (that you will pass the PMP exam) by practicing PMP Mathematics questions.
  • Ensure that there are no surprises in the real test.
  • Self-assess and validate your knowledge of the PMP Formulas.
  • Boost your confidence by solving all different types of PMP Mathematics questions.
  • Based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.

- Peter T. McIntyre - 

What Others Are Saying About This Quiz

A detailed well explained guide

A detailed and well explained guide to a complex topic. For those of us who may not be comfortable with ‘pure’ maths.

It can help to co-illustrate the formulas and scenarios with very simplified project examples.

Peter O'Neill //  Project Manager

A must have tool 

I have struggled with answering formulas based questions your quiz with calculations help me to crack all different types of questions.

This is a must have tool for PMP exam preparation.

Kelly Klo //  Project Manager Health Promotion and Care at Florida Blue

Help me in remembering PMP formulas

I was looking for something that will help me in remembering PMP formulas. I like remembering the formulas by practicing the questions.

This tool makes my exam preparation more strong.

Matthew Parker//  Project Manager at Starbucks

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Credential Exam Success Stories

"To be honest, I only accessed your blog a day before my exam, in order to test myself with a wider range on questions from the internet, as opposed using only the simulator I had. However, I found your quiz to be quite good and reflective of the type of questions in the real exam that I wrote the next day. It was good preparation mentally by running through your of questions and answers. Thanks for this."

- Viven -

“While researching approaches for a brain dump format, and recommended contents I came across Praveen's web blog. There I found comprehensive and very informative information for not only a brain dump format but also very good explanations for several other topics including EVM formula explanations that were far deeper than anything else I had read. The explanations were easy to understand and apply. All of Praveen's blog posts highlighted and detailed specific information that was very useful for clarifying specific topics, definitely worth reading. As a result of Praveen's and others informative posts, I was able to successfully pass the PMP exam on the first attempt."

- Ken -

"The questions were very helpful in clearing my doubts and I will surely share this tool with my friends who are interested and preparing for the PMP exam. Thanks once again."

- Vivek Tiwari -

About The Author

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 26+ years of experience.

I have been teaching PMP students since 2005. I have conducted several in-classroom & online PMP workshops and trained thousands of aspirants for the certification exam.

In my experience, many students dread PMP ITTO. Most of them delay taking the exam because of fear of ITTO. I have made a slew of products that can help you to overcome ITTO fear.

Praveen Malik

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't pass your PMP exam, just let me know and I 'll send you a prompt refund.

And, that t is not all. I will also provide unlimited email support till you pass your credential exam.

Praveen Malik

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