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​The Best Tools To Learn ​PMP ITTO

​Use the best tools and most comprehensive ​strategies to learn PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs) based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition.

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Finally Rid Yourself of "How To Learn ​PMP ITTO?" Problem

Bugbear ​is a persistent problem or source of annoyance.

​PMP ITTO are nothing less than a bugbear for a PMP (CAPM) aspirant.

​I too had anxious moments while preparing for the PMP Exam​. I was quite apprehensive about the ​ITTO till I passed the ​exam.

I passed my exam many ​moons ago in the year 2005. It seems like ages now.

But ​nothing has changed in ​all these years. ​In fact, the bugbear has grown bigger like a real animal - a ​real ​ferocious bear.​


​Oops! That was bad. ​Passing PMP is not a joke.

PMP ITTO is an annoying and serious problem. ​​But, like any other thing in life, there are ways to overcome ​a problem.

I have devised a few tools that will help you ​to get over ITTO hurdle.​

​Don't get bogged down by PMP ITTO. Use the right tools to ​tackle them​.

​The Most Comprehensive ​​PMP ITTO​ Solution

​One size doesn't fit all. ​Every learner is different.

​Everyone learns in her/his own unique way. Some students

  • ​​remember by reading again and again.
  • ​memorize by ​writing.
  • ​learn by solving quiz questions.
  • learn by ​​making logical connections between concepts​.
  • ​are ​​visually inclined and learn best by looking at pictures.

Comprehensive learning comes only by taking ​a multi-pronged approach.

​PMP ITTO Learning Products

​​ITTO ​Concepts eBook​

34 pages eBook providing tips, strategies, and process explanations for solving ITTO questions.

Useful for understanding the PMBOK Guide concepts and logical relationships between processes.


Dynamic ​​Excel ​Cheat Sheet

​Dynamic ​Excel workbook containing 15 worksheets. ​for searching ​& filtering ​any term related to ​​49 processes, 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups.

Useful ​for ​understanding the ITTO relationships ​across processes​.


​ITTO Mind Maps eBook

​​72 pages ebook containing 65 ​mind maps for ​49 processes, 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups.

Useful ​for pictorially understanding the ​PMBOK Guide terminology, ​​​keywords, and relationships.


​​ITTO Quiz

​150 ITTO Questions ​for all ​​49 processes, 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups. Contains ​​answers with appropriate PMBOK Guide's references.

Useful ​for ​checking and validating your knowledge of ​​PMBOK Guide's ITTO​.

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​​Customer ​Stories

​Marisa W - ​Project Analyst with Canadian Government

​I took the exam and passed it with Above the Target Rating. ​There were a lot of questions that were testing the understanding/ definitions of the processes, tools and techniques. Thanks for putting all the useful information together...

M​atthew Parker - ​Project ​Manager at Starbucks​

​It was good information and helped me think about how to approach some of the questions. I sat for my exam just a couple days after receiving the ​tools and I passed. ​The tools ​​​shorten the ​learning ​duration - a must have for PMP students...

​Nalini Srivastava - ​Systems Control Engineer at GE

​Instructions to handle exam questions helped me a lot. I memorized ITTO while reading book. I read your eBooks and did simulator questions to understand the concepts. However memorizing ITTO with understanding each process worked for me...

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All-In-One ​PMP ITTO Learning Tools Bundle

  • ​​PMP ITTO Concepts ​eBook worth $9.99
  • ​PMP ITTO ​Mind Maps ​eBook worth $​9.99
  • ​Dynamic ITTO ​Excel Cheat Sheet worth $​9.99
  • ​PMP ITTO ​​Quiz​ worth $​9.99




You pay $​39.9​6 $​29.97 only.

​4 Essential Tools To Learn ITTO

​Take PMP Exam Without Any Fear

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I​ am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 2​4+ years of experience.

​​​​I have been teaching PMP students since 2005. ​I have conducted several in-classroom & online PMP workshops and ​​trained thousands of ​aspirants for the ​​certification exam​.

In my experience, many students dread PMP ITTO. ​Most of them delay taking the exam because ​of fear of ITTO. I have made a slew of products ​​that can help you to overcome ITTO fear.

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