How Do Changes Of PMP Exam Content Outline In 2020 Impact You?

I have written this post to explain everything about Exam Content Outline, Role Delineation Study, and PMP exam changes in 2019.

You might have heard that the PMP exam will change on December 16, 2019. You might know that PMI will introduce a new Exam Content Outline (ECO) in June 2019 and update the exam based on the new ECO.

So, what is ECO and how does it impact you?

The PMP exam is based on ECO. It is akin to the syllabus of PMP exam.

PMI conducts a Role Delineation Study (RDS) of project managers every 3-5 years. The ECO is updated based on the findings of the study.

You may find this cryptic. So, let me answer a few frequently asked questions about PMP exam changes, ECO and RDS.

PMP Exam Content Outline In 2019

​​Why is there a change in PMP Exam?

​What is RDS?

​What is the utility of RDS for PMP exam?

​What is the PMP Exam Content Outline?

​What was ​changed in ​ECO in 2015?

​Which new tasks have been added to the Exam Content Outline?

​Does PMBOK Guide also change with ​changes in ECO?

​When ​does PMI release ​a new edition of the PMBOK Guide?

Does PMI change the exam eligibility criteria along with the ​ECO?

​Does PMI change the exam ​pattern along with the ​ECO?

​How much time do I have before the change in PMP Exam takes place?

​Should I sit for the certifications before the change in PMP Exam?

​When will I get the result if I take the test after the change in PMP Exam?

Final Thoughts

The exam will change this year. But, the extent of changes in the exam are still unknown.

PMI has not yet released the new ECO yet. It will be released in June 2019. But, there is no point in waiting around and understanding how the exam will change.

PMP is a hard exam to crack. The difficulty increases whenever a new version is introduced. New version brings in a lot of uncertainty. It is better to take the exam before the change.

Moreover, the sooner you take the exam, the better it is for your career. You can potentially get 20% more salary with PMP credential.

You can download my free exam prep guide to kick-start your preparation. It will help you to pass the exam in first try.

Over To You

When are you planning to take the exam? Is there anything stopping you to take the exam soon?

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