pmp ITTO process chart pdf PMBOK Guie 6th edition

You can download free pdf of PMP ITTO Process Chart based on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition in this post. Learning and understanding (not memorizing) of 49 processes along with their respective ITTO (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs) is must for passing the CAPM and PMP credential exams. This chart will help you in studying for the PMI (Project Management Institute) certification exams.

Although there are many ways to learn ITTO, but you should start with the process chart. It summarizes and lists ITTO from 10 Knowledge Areas, 5 Process Groups, and 49 Processes in 14 tables. It is an extremely useful tool for learning and quick cross-referencing.

You can download the process chart along with a companion workbook (exercise book) by clicking on the following button. The workbook can be used to regurgitating the memorized ITTO and testing your knowledge.

How to Use PMP ITTO Process Chart pdf?

A PMP ITTO process chart is sometimes also called a cheat sheet or crib sheet. It is extremely helpful for passing the CAPM and PMP exam. It can substantially enhance and accelerate your learning curve.

The PMBOK Guide 6th edition has 49 processes spread across 10 KA and 5 PG. Each process has numerous ITTO. Although the PMBOK Guide is more than 700 pages long, its content can be summarized into a few pages by using a list of tables.

After you download the pdf, you will see 11 tables – one for a list of 49 processes and one each for 10 KA. This is the whole summary of the PMBOK Guide.

These 11 tables can be used for remembering ITTO, cross-referencing the PMBOK Guide, and studying for the exam.

You can use the chart in one of the following ways:

  1. Take a few printouts and put them as posters in your study & office.
  2. Save first page as an image on your PC Desktop.
  3. Save the pdf on your mobile for any time viewing and learning on the go.

The best use of the process chart is depicted by the following quote.

Writing by hand improves your memory.

Huffington Post

And, guess what? Memory is extremely important for passing the PMP exam. You can memorize the ITTO and then try to reproduce them on blank pages. You can use the downloaded chart as a quick-reference and validation tool.

So, don’t wait a single moment. Download your free reference chart (along with the companion workbook) now.

Other Tools For Learning PMP ITTO

Learning ITTO is a necessary evil for cracking the PMI certification tests. You can either make them your friend by following a proper strategy or let them get onto your nerves. The latter will only make your certification journey more difficult.

You should use proper tools that aid in learning. They will help you in passing the exam in your first try.

I have created a few other tools for learning ITTO. You can also look at the following articles for more information on these tools:

  1. Answer PMP ITTO questions by understanding logical relationships
  2. PMP ITTO mind maps
  3. PMP ITTO spreadsheet with dynamic search

These tools are useful for both PMP and CAPM aspirants.

Your Own PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Chart

If you want, you can create your own process chart but, an easier option is to download the one that I have prepared.

Which is better – your own chart or the one that is readily available?

If you decide to create your own chart, you will need to spend precious time to compile it. You will have to go through each and every page of the PMBOK Guide to scrupulously note down all the ITTO. This is a cumbersome process and is prone to mistakes.

You would not want to waste time and accidentally make mistakes on the way. Time is extremely crucial for the success in PMP exam.

I would suggest you to download the chart that I have prepared. You can neither afford to waste time on mundane things like rehashing things from the PMBOK Guide while preparing for the PMP exam nor make mistakes while creating study material from the scratch.

There is no point in wasting the time to reinvent the wheel. Time is one thing that is never enough for a PMP aspirant.

Good luck.

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  1. Hi, I was trying to download the free itto sheet to see how that looks but it seems all the free download links are broken. Thanks

    1. H Arnav, There are no download links on my site. You need to click the button and a small form will popup. Just enter your email id. The file having ITTO process chart will come to your email.

      Let me know what problem(s) did you face. I will help you in downloading.


    1. Hi Mushtaq,

      As per my records you subscribed on Sep 20th and immediately received a download mail after that. You have also received a series of email after Sep 2oth. Please check your spam folder.

      Good luck.

      BR, Praveen.

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  3. 1.We already have 40 hours PM training from our employer and do we need to opt for a mandatory training from some agency additionally.?

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  4. Hi Sandeep,

    Thanks for asking.
    1. You should be eligible for PMP. You can read this – But, to prepare for the exam, you should do a proper PMP training that will give you a proper orientation.
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    3. and 4. Just go through point 2 above.

    BR, Praveen.

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