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You might be looking for a PMP formulas cheat sheet that can help you to solve mathematics questions in the certification exam.

In this post, you will find a comprehensive sheet having 45 project management formulas and 57 abbreviations. The sheet can be used as a quick reference pocket guide for solving calculation based numerical problems that might come in the CAPM or PMP exam.

Earlier, PMP exam used to have 20-30 mathematical questions. Nowadays, you might see less than 10 questions, which are quite simple and can be solved by the direct application of a formula.

The sheet is based on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition. It will help you in learning, understanding, and memorizing the PMP formulas. You can download the pdf sheet by clicking on the following above.

CAPM / PMP Formulas Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet contains all the formulas that are defined or referred to in the PMBOK Guide 6th edition. You can download the pdf version of the sheet. It contains:

  1. 45 Important Formulas
  2. 57 Abbreviations
  3. And more…

Top PMP Formulas for Mathematical Calculations

You can refer to the following lists for a quick reference of the top formulas. All the following formulas along with the full form of their abbreviations are listed in the downloadable cheat sheet.

1. Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • SV = EV – PV
  • CV = EV – AC
  • SPI = EV / PV
  • CPI = EV / AC
  • ETC = (BAC – EV) / CPI
  • EAC = AC + ETC
  • EAC = AC + (BAC – EV) / CPI
  • EAC = BAC / CPI
  • VAC = BAC – EAC
  • TCPI = (BAC – EV) / (BAC – AC)

2. Network Diagrams

  • Total Float (TF) = LS – ES
  • TF = LF – EF
  • Free Float (FF) = ES(Successor) – ES(Present) – Dur(Present)

3. Project Estimation

  • E = (O + P + 4*M) / 6
  • σ = (P – O) / 6
  • E = (O + P + M) / 3
  • Var = σ(2)

4. Project Selection Methods

  • PV = FV / (1 + r)n
  • NPV = ∑PV
  • ROI = Return / Investment
  • BCR = Benefits / Costs

5. Expect Monetary Value (EMV)

  • EMV(R) = P*I
  • EMV(P) = ∑EMV(R)
  • Net Benefit = EMV(P) – Cost

6. Communication Channels

  • C = n*(n – 1)/2

7. Procurement Management (Point of Total Assumption)

  • Pt. of Total Assumption (PTA) = CP-TP/Buyer’s Share Ratio + TC

You can download the pdf file free of cost by clicking on the following button.

The pdf file can be used in one of the following four ways:

  1. Print it, fold it and carry it in your pocket for memorizing.
  2. Print it and pin it beside your study table for quick reference while doing mathematical questions.
  3. Save it as Desktop background on your PC or Laptop for ready reference.
  4. Save it on your mobile device for anytime viewing.

Final Thoughts

I have seen my fair share of cheat sheets and formula guides. I would be lying, if I said I have seen all of them that are out there. There are tens of such guides available on the web. However, I can certainly claim to have seen the more popular ones. Most of these guides are sketchy and do not cover many formulas. So, I prepared a new one to share it with the certification aspirants.

Here it is at absolutely no cost to you!

You can download the pdf sheet by clicking on the following button.

Over To You

I am confident that the cheat sheet will help you in attaining the certification. However, if you feel that it can be improved further then don’t hesitate to put in a comment below.

Otherwise, what is your opinion about PMP mathematics questions? Are they easy to solve? Do you think you can pass the exam without studying the mathematical portions of the PMBOK Guide?

Good luck.

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  1. Praveen,

    I am interested in PMP exam and have started reading materials in preparation. PMP Formulas Guide was very useful.

  2. Hi Jesperson, Thank you for you comment. There is nothing sinister about the fair price. I am using a services that shows “fair price” by default. I cannot change it.

    Just put $0 and download.

  3. Thanks Praveen for sharing this with us for FREE. It has helped me memorize Formulas and understand Abbreviations very Quickly.

    1. Hi Kate,

      I have changed the download mechanism. Now you can download using LinkedIn. Please try.

      Good luck.

  4. Hey Praveen
    I am unable to join the LinkedIn group as I have reached my linkedin group limit. Is there a way I can download the formula guide

    1. Hi Faruq,

      Earlier we had a different mechanism for downloading the file but some people were facing problem that is why changed it to LinkedIn based mechanism. It is quiet simple. I believe 50 LinkedIn groups are too much; you can prioritize which groups you want to stay in.

      Good luck.

    1. Hi Gulshan,

      As soon as you request to join the group, you will receive an automated mail from LinkedIn. This mail will have the download link.

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    1. Hi Gulshan,

      There would be download link in the first automated mail that you would have received from LinkedIna.

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      1. I got following links in the welcome email. I didn’t see the link for formulas.

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  5. Dear Mr. Praveen,
    I am already a member of that group. I couldn’t find the download link. Could you please guide?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Imran,

      As soon as you request to join the group, you will receive an automated mail from LinkedIn. This mail will have the download link.

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  6. Hello,

    I have requested to join the group. Do you know how long it will take to get access to the group in order to get the formulas guide?



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      1. Hello,

        Not sure. I check all folders everywhere in LinkedIn, gmail etc. I have not received. Is there anyway you can email it to me? By the way, I purchased the ITTO booklet and it is a game changer.



        1. Hi Camile, You would have received 2 mails with formula guide link.

          Linkedin sends 2 automated mails – first mail goes out when you opt to join the group and second one goes out when the group membership is approved. Both the mails have link to the formula guide.

          Please check your spam folder. Let me know if you got the guide.


  7. Hi Praveen,

    Thank you, I have registered in the facebook group, hopefully, once they accept my membership, i should be receiving the formula handbook.

    One of the reasons I have not taken PMP exam even after undergoing two classes of PMP Training, plus 2 trainings provided by our organization,was the formulas and application of formulas.

    Hopefully, I am going to depend on this formula handbook and going to come out of the formulaphobia and appear in the PMP exam.

  8. Dear Praveen,
    Thank you for the emails, cheat sheets and very helpful tips.
    I have a quick question. There are at lead 4 EAC formulas for different scenarios. However, when reading sample test questions, it is sometimes hard to know which of the EAC formulas is required in the scenario described.
    Can you shed some light on this, please?
    Thank you.

  9. I am surprised that all these people are asking about the “download link”.
    Open up Notepad or Word – and simply cut and paste these formulas.

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