22 Reliable Mock Tests To Practice 3500+ Free PMP Exam Questions

free pmp sample questions

You will find a nice compilation of free PMP exam questions in this post. I have browsed and reviewed many free sources of PMP mock tests and sample questions so that you do not have to perform a random search for free PMP practice exams.

There are umpteen websites that provide free PMP exam questions. Many of these sites have old and incorrect questions. I have chosen reliable sources of free mock tests that can help you in your certification journey. Even though I have carefully chosen these websites, you must use your own discretion while practicing questions from these websites.

Reliable Sources Of Free PMP Exam Questions And Mock Tests

Author/ Source Free Sample Q Format / Comments
Paid Tests Available?
PMI 3 pdf file No
ExamCentral 1000 Online No
PassionatePM 15 + 50 + 100 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
Oliver Lehman 175 pdf file No
Oliver Lehman 75 Online No
GreyCampus 200 + 20 200 Online & 20 pdf Yes, as part of the training course. Buy their 7 course bundle.
Mosaic Projects 30 Excel File Yes, as part of the training course.
PreparePM 115 Online – Knowledge Areas Q Yes, as part of the training course.
PreparePM 75 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
PreparePM 28 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
PMStudy 151 Online – Project Framework Q Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.
PMStudy 15 + 200 Online Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.
SimpliLearn 200 Online Yes. Buy their PMP Simulator.
IZenBridge 100 + 15 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
Edwel 50 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
Edwel 100 Online Yes, as part of the training course.
CertChamp 200 Online Yes
HeadFirst Labs 200 Online Yes, as part of the book. Click to read the book review.
Cornelius Fichtner 110 Online Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.
Cornelius Fichtner 120 Online Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.
Cornelius Fichtner 170 Online Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.
Christopher Scordo 10 Online Yes. Click to read the comparative review of paid tests.

Note: All these PMP Tests are based on the PMBOK Guide 5th edition.

February 2016 Update: PMI used to have an eReads section on their website. Access to eReads was free for PMI members. It contained digital copies of many popular PMP books, including digital edition of Christopher Scordo’s book that had about 1000 PMP exam sample questions. These questions were considered to be the Gold Standard for the exam. Unfortunately PMI has taken off eReads after January 2016. But, if you want, you can either buy Christopher Scordo’s book or buy Christopher Scordo’s PMP Exam Simulator for those questions. I would definitely recommend that you buy one of them. You can read my article on Best PMP Exam Simulator for the comparative review of Scordo’s simulator with other popular simulators.

Which Free PMP Practice Tests Should You Choose For The Exam Prep?

The Internet is a great source of free content, including free PMP sample questions. If you try searching, you will find hundreds of websites providing free tests. But only few of these websites are credible. The quality of PMP sample questions present in most these websites is, at best, questionable.

One should be very careful while picking free stuff from the Internet. I have compiled the above list so that you can avoid such dubious websites. Having said that, you should make your own decisions. The websites listed in the article are all third-party websites. I do not have any control over their content.

Do not randomly pick Free PMP sample questions from the Internet. It is one of the main reasons for failing in the PMP exam.

Generally speaking, free tests from the companies selling paid content are reliable. They publish content at no cost in order to build their reputation. If they don’t give useful free content, no one will buy their paid content.

While doing your study or after completing your preliminary study, you should try 10-15 questions from each of the websites mentioned above. If you find these questions reliable, then only you should practice further. Otherwise, just leave them.

Final Thoughts

Free PMP exam question are an integral part of your prep. You should practice a few hundred of these from 5-7 different sources. This way you will get a feel of different variations. But don’t over-rely on them. You should follow them up with a few paid practice tests towards the end of your study. This way you will be able to determine if you are ready for the exam or not.

To practice paid tests, you should opt for one of the top PMP simulators. But if you feel these are expensive then you can buy mock tests for as little as $10.

Over To You

What is your opinion of this list? Do you know of any other credible source of free tests? Please leave a comment.

Good luck to all the PMP aspirants.

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links – it means that, if you buy from any of these links, then I will receive a small commission that would help me in maintaining this blog for free. However, for you, there is no extra cost. I recommend only those products that I believe will definitely help the certification aspirants.

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Saurabh K Mishra Reply

Need to know the level of question meets the PMI PMP Standard? It looks very interesting and informative questions. Please help.

    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Hi Saurabh, I have personally looked at all the sources I mentioned. All have good Q. Oliver’s Q might be most difficult of the lot.

Markus Reply

Hi Praveen,

first of all, very nice website. I will visite it more often from now. 🙂

Regarding the free sample questions you did compile a very nice selection there; congrats.

May be here is another link you may add to your selection:


You have to be carefull by select your free sample questions, because quality may vary a lot and often is not as good as it should be.

I would like to underline the suggestion Praveen allready made:
If you could spend some more dollars to your study for PMP certification, you HAVE TO invest in a paid online exam simulator.
It will be worth it, trust me.

I guess, the exam simulator from Cornelius Fichtner (well known in this business!) would no bad choice at all.

I wish you all the best for your studing and hopefully you earn pmp at your first try!



Mark Jason Reply

Good compilation. I think Oliver questions are the best.

    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Mark, I agree.

Rajni Kumaraguru Reply

Hi Praveen,

Do you suggest to take the membership with Udemy as I have seen some bad reviews about this organisation?


Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

Hi Rajni,

Udemy does not create or courses – it is an aggregator. Udemy is just a platform to host courses. The courses are created by individual instructors of training companies. So, out of many courses only few are good, including the one referenced in the article.

I am not sure which reviews you have seen or what you have heard. But I did not find any problem with Udemy as a platform – I myself have taken a few courses.

You can also read my Udemy review..

Good luck.

Jack Reply

I purchased the Udemy package by Ravi for the practice questions only, and so far, am not impressed with teh questions. They make me wonder if they are actually helping/hurting my study prep. I can’t imagine many of the questions on the exam are worded the way these are, but what do I know.

Anyways, will continue to try to use the questions but will drop it if my prep doesn’t improve.

    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Hi Jack,

    I believe you are talking about Practice Q by Ramzi. Two things:
    1. These are better than free Q. They can replace your free Q set.
    2. The difficulty level of mixed Q is better. Try to do one of those.
    It is also possible you have studied very well and finding the Q easy 🙂

    Having said that, I agree that some Q could have been framed better. That is why recommend a two pronged approach to pass the exam. You should read these articles:
    1. Check your Exam readiness – http://www.pmbypm.com/best-way-determine-pmp-exam-passing-score/
    2. Best PMP simulator – http://www.pmbypm.com/best-pmp-exam-simulator/

    All the best.

Sanjay Kumar Reply


chrednisone pracy Reply

this article is genuinely a good article, keep it up.

    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Thanks Chrednisone

Victor Soares Reply

I am looking at writing my exam this Tuesday, 23 May 2017. Are the sample questions linked above still relevant to today’s exams or is it better to purchase new moch exams from the likes of PM Exam Simulator even though they are quite expensive 🙁


pmp test questions Reply

Thank you !

Ishani Reply

I just passed my PMP today by 3 above targets one target and one need improvement, improvement was in closing….couldn’t have done it without this website, udemy, PMP prepcast , and izen videos on YouTube.

In total time to study about 2 months, followed PMBOK and some chapters from Rita, 5th edition as 6th was not available….and it was beyond my budget to buy new online….

But thanks to all these websites and simulators!!

    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Hi Ishani, Congrats! Good luck for future.
    BR, Praveen.

leon Reply

Hi Praveen,

Thanks so much for doing this. It is quite helpful for exam preparation. I also read through your simulator comparison (https://www.pmbypm.com/best-pmp-exam-simulator/) as well and recently I bought PM Prepcast and start taking the test questions.

From my personal point of view, having exam generator functionality and close enough practice to real exam is the main benefits for exam preparation.


    Praveen Malik, PMP Reply

    Hi Leon, Thanks for your kind words. Good luck for your exam.

    BR, Praveen.

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