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How To Exploit PMP ITTO Cheat Sheet For Your Exam Prep?

A PMP ITTO Cheat Sheet is extremely useful for the certification exam. In fact, such a sheet is useful for any kind of test.

I have prepared an innovative PMP ITTO excel spreadsheet based on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition. It contains ITTO for 5 Process Groups (PG), 9 Knowledge Areas (KA), and 49 processes.

The excel sheet is quite different and much more beneficial from anything else that you might have seen. It contains dynamic content that is immensely useful for the exam study.

I have written this post to explain the utility and features of my ITTO cheat sheet. If you think that the spreadsheet will be useful for your exam prep, you can buy it by clicking on the button at the end of this post.

Alternatively, you can download a free pdf version of PMP process charts to study for the certification exam. The pdf file is 13 pages long and has the same content as the excel sheet but it lacks dynamic features of the excel sheet.

PMP ITTO Cheat Sheet

What Is A Cheat Sheet?

As per Wikipedia, a cheat sheet (also cheatsheet) or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference.

A cheat sheet has abridged information on a particular subject or topic. It can enhance and accelerate your learning. You can prepare one for the mathematical formulas & abbreviations, important PMBOK Guide terms, tips & tricks, ITTO, and many other things.

A regular ITTO sheet (like my free pdf process chart) has static and non-searchable data. It has process charts and ITTO. It is definitely useful for the exam prep but my excel sheet is more useful.

The excel sheet that has dynamic content. It shows only relevant content based on your search. You can look at the figure below to understand how it works.

PMP ITTO excel sheet

The PMBOK Guide has hundreds of processes related terms and ITTO. You can use the excel sheet to select any of these terms from the drop-down. The sheet will dynamically show the content related to your chosen term.

Benefits Of Dynamic PMP ITTO Excel Over A pdf Sheet

A regular cheat sheet is handy and very useful. You can use it for memorizing and cross reference. But the benefits stop there. The cross referencing across knowledge areas is slow and time consuming.

When you are studying the PMBOK Guide or any other reference book, you need to go back and forth between chapters for cross reference. You need to constantly look at terms in other knowledge areas and understand the relationships between these terms.

This process becomes cumbersome if you have a regular process chart.

My spreadsheet, on the other hand, has dynamic and searchable content. It scores over the pdf process chart. You can use it as a regular chart for memorization and cross-referencing. But you can go beyond that.

By using my spreadsheet, the cross-referencing becomes quick and easy. You can quickly look at the relevant terms across knowledge areas in a single view. It not only accelerates your learning process but also enhances your retention. You can traverse across multiple knowledge areas in a matter of few seconds.

In addition, you can find out which output of one process is being used as input in another process(es). You can form relationships between processes across the knowledge areas and process groups.

Let’s take a look at another figure below to understand how searching works.

PMP ITTO spreadsheet

My excel sheet will enhance and accelerate your learning process. You can buy it by clicking on the button below.

Final Words – Learning Tools For PMP ITTO

You can’t escape ITTO if you are preparing for the PMP exam. You would need to use a combination of memorization, logical relationships, reasoning, and analytical deduction to answer the PMP questions. The excel sheet aids in all these things.

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