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You might be looking for Master Of Project Academy reviews to decide if its courses are worth anything.

I have written this article after evaluating and assessing various project management courses that are offered by the company. I have examined PMP, CAPM, and PMI-ACP training courses that are available on company’s website in order to write this article. You will find features, pros & cons, and my review rating of Master Of Project Academy in this article.

This article does not contain any copyrighted material from The reviews are written after taking information from representatives of Master of Project Academy (MOPA) and looking at their demo courses.

Master Of Project Management Academy Reviews – PMP and Other Courses

The quality of courses provided by Master of Project Academy (MOPA) is not as good as its competitors. Compared to other project management training providers, MOPA is relatively a new entrant.

MOPA is not a PMI ATP (Authorized Training Partner), which suggests that quality of its courses is not up to the mark. As per PMI, “To earn the PMI Authorized Training Partner designation, a provider must meet rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness”.

MOPA was established in the year 2012. It was founded by Resit Gulec. Resit started the company by providing an online PMP course on Udemy. Udemy is known for selling very cheap courses.

MOPA provides many certification courses including certifications from Project Management Institute’s (PMI). Its offers exam preparation courses for PMP, PMI-ACP and CAPM. Some of its courses seems to be popular, which might be due to its high pitch advertising.

In my opinion, you should not invest in project management courses offered by Master Of Project Academy. You can find better PMP and other PDU courses at a much cheaper price.

Online And Live PMP Training

MOPA started their operations with the online PMP training. It is the most mature product from their stable. In 2019, they also launched an instructor led live online training. You can take subscription of its online course in one of the three options – monthly, annual, and lifetime.

The company claims that 99.6% of its 200,000+ students have passed their certification exams in their first attempt. This seems like an absurd figure considering that MOPA started in 2012 and PMI started awarding certificated in late 19080s – there are approximately 1,000,000 PMP credential holders in this World.

Furthermore, since MOPA is not a PMI ATP, the 35 contact hour certificate issued by the company is not pre-approved for applying to any of the PMI credential exams.

MOPA’s online PMP course is reasonably priced but its content has average quality. If you are looking for a low-priced PMP course, you should look at my article on cheapest PMP program for a comparative review. However, if you want invest in a better option, then you read look my article for the head-to-head comparison of top PMP programs.

In case you are seeking a live online course, then you should read my comparison post on instructor led live PMP programs.

PMP Exam Simulator

The failure rate of the PMP exam could be as high as 50% i.e. 50% candidates fail the exam . Do you know what the biggest reason of success in the PMP exam?

Like with any other exam, it is practice and more practice. A good PMP simulator gives you the right platform to practice mock questions.

MOPA is a late entrant in the PMP simulator field. It launched its simulator only in early 2019. It is a very new product.

At the surface the simulator looks good. It has 9 full length mock tests containing 1600 sample PMP exam questions. However, when you look closely it seems to be steeply priced. It’s cost is much higher than the competition and lacks some of the essential features of a PMP test simulation software e.g. a good simulator should provide exam simulation experience and good analytic reports.

If you are looking for a good simulator, you should read my side-by-side comparison of leading PMP practice tests. It will help you find the best PMP simulator.

Online CAPM Training

MOPA offers CAPM training only as an online program. Just like its PMP course, you can take its subscription under three different options – monthly, annual, and lifetime.

It seems that the company has just copied figures from PMP page and pasted it on this page. The page says that 200,000+ students have used their course to train for the CAPM certification. I believe this has been done purposefully to deceive potential customers because 200,000+ figure is mentioned at multiple places on the page. At the time of updating this article, there are about 59,000 active CAPM credential holders in this World.

Furthermore, Since MOPA is not a PMI ATP, the 23 contact hour certificate issued by the company is not pre-approved for applying to any of the PMI credential exams.

I found CAPM online course as an average course in my review. I think, you should look into my detailed review and comparison article on CAPM Online Training before investing in a CAPM training program. It will help you to find the best course for your studies.

CAPM Exam Simulator

MOPA’s CAPM exam simulator is very new. It was launched in 2020.

The simulator comes with 1350 questions and 9 full length practice tests.

In order to successfully crack the exam, you will need a fully featured exam simulator. MOPA’s simulator many of the essential simulation features so it is better to choose a different one. You can find a good online CAPM simulator here.

Online PMI-ACP Training & Simulator

The company offers PMI-ACP online exam preparation training. Just like its other online offerings, MOPA’s PMI-ACP training has three pricing tiers – monthly, annual, and lifetime.

I have not done course review of PMI-ACP training of MOPA. Considering the quality of their other courses, I think their PMI_ACP courses should also be as good or as bad as its other programs.

Like CAPM course page, PMI-ACP course page too says that 200,000+ students have used their course to train for the PMI-ACP certification. I believe this has been done purposefully to deceive potential customers because 200,000+ figure is mentioned at multiple places on the page. At the time of updating this article, there are about 49,000 active PMI-ACP credential holders in this World.

If you are looking to pursue PMI-ACP certification, you should consider investing in Agile Prepcast instead of PMI-ACP Course from MOPA. It is offered by by a much more established company.

You should invest in a good simulator for PMI-ACP certification. You can look at my review article that compares top PMI-ACP test simulators. It will help you in choosing the best simulation software for your studies.

Pros & Cons Of Master Of Project Academy

The training courses offered by MOPA are reasonably priced but they don’t offer very good value for your money.

You can look at my other review and comparison articles (links shared above) to check how their courses fare against other leading programs.

Is Master of Project Academy a PMI ATP?


Company is not an PMI ATP – The company has not taken PMI ATPvstatus which suggests that quality and credibility of their courses is not good. Although you can use the course certificates for applying to the PMI certification exams but the contact hours are not pre-approved by PMI.


Decent Technology Platform – The Company uses latest technology for its eLearning programs. It provides a modern Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used to track progress of your courses. The quality of videos is very good.

Reasonably Priced Courses – You can buy their courses for as little as a month. The courses are reasonably priced.

Comprehensive Study Aids – The Company offer various study aids for the exam prep. They are useful for passing the exams but content is not good.


Quality of training content is not good – The competing courses offer much better quality and content. Some of the content is dry and boring. The videos do not have real life project management examples.

Online PMP Simulator is very expensive – Company’s training courses are very competitively priced. In fact, some of their online programs are priced much lower than their competition but their exam simulator has a very high price.

Customer Service & Support seems to be below par – The support is available from regular support staff and not from subject matter experts.

Over To You

Which certification test are you preparing for? Are you planning to buy a Master Of Project Academy course?

Which one do you think is their top advantage? Do you think there are some disadvantages also?

Please leave a comment.

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  1. BUYER BEWARE of purchasing a course from Masters of Project Academy. I thought I was purchasing a ONE TIME ONLY 60-hr PMP continuing education course. But discovered that I was being billed $197/month for a recurring purchase (that I wasn’t aware I’d made).
    Master of Project Academy has refused my request for a refund, even though they can clearly see that I haven’t accessed my account in the months I’ve been billed. My fault for not catching this on my credit card sooner. But I personally loathe companies that “slip” in recurring auto-subscriptions where you have opt out of, by default. And I’m very disappointed that they aren’t willing to even give me a partial refund.
    Needless to say, I won’t be using them again nor will I recommend them to my counterparts. So PLEASE CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION if that is not what you intended to purchase.

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