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You will find a detailed Udemy review in this article. I have analyzed and examined the features of Udemy platform in this article. After reading this article, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of using Udemy for learning new skills.

You will find answers to the following questions in this article:

  • Should you buy a Udemy course?
  • Is Udemy legit and good?
  • Are Udemy courses worth it?
  • What is the value of Udemy certificate?

This article does not evaluate or assess specific Udemy courses. Rather, it is written to review the general benefits of udemy.com as a provider of online courses. However, it should help you to decide about buying a specific course.

Udemy Review

[pullquote align=”normal”]Thousands of Courses & Millions of Students is an endorsement for the utility & value of Udemy.[/pullquote]

My First Impression of Udemy – PMP Course Review

Some time ago, one of the blog readers asked me about a PMP course by Joseph Phillips. The course was selling on Udemy for USD 40.00.

USD 40.00 was an unbelievably low price for a PMP training course. Typically, a good PMP online course cost upwards of USD 300.00. I was intrigued by the price, so I bought it & reviewed it. I loved it instantly.

Today, you can buy a Udemy course for as little as USD 10.00.

After my first experience with Udemy, I started exploring it a little bit more. I bought a few more (non-PMP) courses for learning new things. I found them to be very effective.

Since then, I have bought many more programs for myself and my family members from Udemy. I would not say that all of them were good choices but if you follow a process then you will find good Udemy courses.

Udemy courses provide a great value for time and money. Let us talk about the top benefits of Udemy.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Learning should never stop.[/pullquote]

1. Cost Effective

You can save a lot of money by investing in a Udemy course. All its offerings are priced between $20 and $200. But you can get all these courses for as little as $10.

Yes, this is not a typo. You just pay a flat fee of $10 for any of its offerings.

There is a general conception that cheap is not good. But, here it is the exact opposite.

How To Buy Top Udemy Courses At Deep Discount?

Udemy keeps on running limited period promotions, wherein lifelong access to all their offerings is available for as little as $9.99. To avail the current offer:

  1. First go to Udemy’s Homepage.
  2. Search for the courses (as per the guidelines of how to find good courses on Udemy) of your choice.
  3. Shortlist the ones you would like to buy and add them to the cart.
  4. Finally buy your chosen courses.

You can look at Top Project Management Offerings for my recommendations on PM programs.

Don’t wait when the promotion is going on! You can buy as many as you want. Your courses will never expire. You will get lifelong access.

2. Udemy Certificate Value

After completing a program, you get a completion certificate that demonstrates your knowledge on the subject.

3. Lifelong Access – Udemy Courses Never Expire

When you own a book, you own a book. Period.

Udemy has done something similar with its programs. Your online courses never expire. You get lifetime access to your courses.

There is more. Udemy has taken the lifelong access to the next level. Unlike a book, you get lifetime updates as well.

4. Money Back Guarantee

It provides (hold your breath) 30 day money back guarantee. You can always ask for a refund, if for some reason you do not like your program.

5. Timely & Regular Updates

Serious authors keep their program(s) updated with latest trends and research. You get access to the latest study material.

6. In-depth Learning Material

Most programs include videos, quizzes, pdf documents, and exercises. This helpful for learning the subject completely and thoroughly.

7. Q&A And Support

You can directly communicate & interact with the authors for learning purposes. You can ask questions and raise your concerns without any hindrance from the intermediaries.

8. Thousands of Courses

At the time of writing this article, there were 55,000+ courses published on its platform. You can learn formal subjects like online marketing, stock analysis, leadership, web development etc. or follow your passion & learn about astronomy, photography, home improvement, gardening etc. or study esoteric subjects like hypnosis, meditation, yoga, spirituality etc. Your learning is only limited by your imagination.

9. Loved By Millions

At the time of writing this article, over 14+ million students have used Udemy. It is surprising and hard to believe but still true.

10. Saves Time

You get a lot of flexibility with your time. You can practically learn anywhere and at any time. You can listen to the audios and watch videos while you are doing mundane jobs like jogging, commuting, waiting at Doctor’s, transiting through airport etc.

11. Learn on Any Device

You can learn using any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) of your choice. You can access the program content by using regular web browser or the mobile app.

Many Pros but Few Cons As Well

1. Udemy does neither reviews nor controls the quality of the courses hosted on its platform. They just provide general guidelines to the authors and authors are free to create their own courses. So you should choose your courses well.

2. Udemy does not provide course support. The support is provided directly provided by the authors.

3. It is difficult to compare the courses on same topic as there is no standardization done by Udemy.

Final Thoughts – Are Udemy Courses Worth it and Legit?

Learning should never stop.

As suggested at the beginning of the article, I would recommend you to go to Udemy and buy a few courses. I think there is little downside to buying them. You get lifetime access at a throwaway price. What’s more? You get the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

However, you should be extremely selective while choosing a course. All courses are not equal. You should buy courses from serious authors and subject matter experts. Your chosen course should have high student enrollment and decent rating.

My Udemy review is not based on a stray review of any one program. I have written this article from my personal experiences. I believe this educational portal can help you and your family as it has helped me.
[pullquote align=”normal”]Don’t wait! You just need to be self-motivated. You can learn on the go and save a lot of time. Start learning today.[/pullquote]

Good luck.

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation (in cash or kind) from Udemy or the program authors or anyone else associated with the portal. But this article contains affiliate links – it means that I will receive a small commission if you click & buy. This commission helps me in maintaining this blog for free. However, you don’t pay anything extra. I have personally bought a few programs and I have learned a lot from them. I recommend only those products that I believe will definitely help the blog readers.

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