CAPM vs PMP: Which One Is The Best Certification For You?

capm vs pmp certification

CAPM vs PMP is like comparing apples to oranges. These are two different certifications. There are some similarities but mostly they are dissimilar. Should you compare apples to oranges? It seems inappropriate as they are distinct fruits. But sometimes it becomes necessary to contrast them. Everyone has different motivation and priorities. So, it is better … Read more

The Best PMI ACP Practice Exam Simulator [2022 Questions]

You might be looking for the best PMI ACP exam simulator for sample tests and mock questions. In this article, you will find review and comparison of the top online practice exams for the PMI ACP exam prep. Mock tests are an important ingredients for success in any competitive exam. They validate your preparation level … Read more

Top 10 Advantages & Benefits Of CAPM Certification

benefits of capm certification worth advantages

There are many advantages and benefits of doing CAPM certification. CAPM certification can give you a platform to start your career in project management. If you are already have a project management job then this credential is well worth your time and money. It can increase your salary and push you towards higher job responsibilities. … Read more

How To Prepare For CAPM Certification Exam?

how to prepare for capm

In this blog, you would normally read about experiences of newly anointed PMP credential holders. But today is different. In today’s post you would find CAPM exam experience of Regan Forrester. She has written about how she prepared for CAPM certification exam and what study material she used. She has also recommended a few sure-shot … Read more

Best CAPM Certification Training Course [Exam Prep 2022]

You may be looking for the best CAPM certification online training course for the PMI credential exam prep. You will find review and comparison of top online training classes (also called as self-learning, on-demand, and elearning programs) in this article. This article also contains pros & cons and my rating, ranking, & recommendation for each … Read more

Best Agile Certification And Scrum Training Review

best agile certification training review

Top Agile Certifications I wanted to get an Agile Certification this year. After I did a quick search on the Internet, I found that there are number of certification bodies. But I wanted to get the best agile certification. So, the natural choice would have been to go for the most popular and top agile … Read more