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In this post, you will find interesting statistics related to PMI (Project Management Institute) and PMP (Project Management Professional).

I have compiled these stats by taking data and figures from various PMI publications and surveys like PMP salary survey. Among many other things, these stats will tell you about the number of PMP certified professionals worldwide.

In addition, you will find some numbers and graphs collated from the online polls of the blog visitors. These will help you to gauge your level of preparedness for the certification exams.

Salary of Certified PMPs

One of the most important benefits of being a PMP is the increase in salary. According to the PMI salary survey, certified PMPs get higher salaries than those without PMP certification – 16% higher on average across the 40 countries surveyed.

The graph below shows salaries increase of certified PMPs in top 10 countries by the number of certification holders.

salary increase of PMP
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How Many PMPs are there in the World?

PMP is a renowned certification and every year thousands of aspirants take the PMP exam. There are more than 1.2 million PMP certified professionals in this world.

The following graph shows the number of PMP credential holders over the last 12 months.

PMP credential holders
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Country Wise PMP Certificate Holders

Among the millions of PMP certified professionals which country has the most PMPs? The following graph shows the top ten countries with PMP holders.

PMP holders by country
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PMP Holders Per Million People

The population of the country also plays an important role when you are looking for PMP professionals by the country. The following graph shows the top ten countries with PMP holders per million people.

PMP holders per million people
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The data for the above two graphs are taken from the PMI registry.

PMI-ACP Credential Holders

PMI-ACP is an agile certification from PMI stable. If you are interested in pursuing Agile methodologies then you can start with PMI-ACP exam. The following graph shows the number of PMI-ACP credential holders over the last 12 months.

PMI-ACP credential holders
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CAPM Credential Holders

If you are not eligible for the PMP or PMI-ACP exams then you can start your project management journey by taking the CAPM exam. You can take the exam after joining a CAPM training course and doing some mock CAPM test questions. The following graph shows the number of CAPM credential holders over the last 12 months.

CAPM credential holders
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The data for the above graphs are taken from

Best Reference Book for PMP Exam Prep

You need a good PMP reference book for understanding the PMBOK Guide concepts in order to crack the credential exam. There are several books available in the market bust some of them are more popular then the others. More than 50% of the people who took my poll liked Rita Mulcahy’s book. It was followed by Head First PMP, which is liked by about 20% people.

best PMP reference book
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Failure/Passing Rate of PMP Certification Exam

PMI doesn’t release any statistics about its credential exams. So, there is no way of knowing how many aspirants pass the PMP exam in their first attempt. In order to find the percentage of people who fail in the PMP exam, I conducted a survey of the blog visitors. The survey is just an opinion of exam aspirants but it gave a fair indication of how difficult the PMP exam is.

pmp passing rate
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PMP 35 Contact Hours Training Fee

A 35 contact hours certificate is mandatory for applying to the PMP exam. The training fee will depend on many factors including the type of training, reputation of training provider, country of your residence, and study aids offered as past of the training course.

You can buy an online training for about $300 or invest in a boot camp for as high as $2000. I conducted a poll to find out how much people are willing to shell out for the training course.

pmp 35 contact hours fee
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Expenses for PMP Exam Study Material

In case your training provider does not give you enough study aids, you will need some other resources like ebooks, quizzes, and exam simulator to prepare for the exam.  I conducted a poll to determine the budget of aspirants for additional study resources.

pmp exam prep material expenses
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Total Cost of doing PMP Certification

PMP is the most expensive professional exam but the it is worth every penny. PMP certification comes with a variety of costs such as exam fees, training costs and simulators, reference books, and other study materials costs. The exam fee and training costs account for the majority of the money spent.

How much money should you budget for the PMP certification? The following poll will give you some idea.

PMP exam cost
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How Long does it Take to Prepare for the PMP Exam?

There is no exact duration for PMP exam preparation. The preparation time varies from person to person since every person has different experience and educational background. A few candidates may be able to crack the exam within a week but most people need about 3 months to pass the exam. I would advise you to develop your own study schedule for the PMP exam preparation.

So, how long does it take for PMP exam preparation? Have a look at this poll below to get an idea.

PMP exam preparation time
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How Many Questions to Practice Before Taking the PMP Exam?

It is important to practice hundreds of questions before taking the PMP exam. This will make you feel confident and ready for the actual exam. You can practice mock questions from a good simulator.

However the pertinent question is, how many questions should you practice before taking the PMP certification exam. The following poll will give you an idea. Majority of the respondents feel that one should do at least 2000 questions before the exam.

Here is a snapshot of the poll.

how many practice questions for PMP
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How Much to Score in Mock Tests Before Taking the PMP Exam?

You must practice questions before taking the exam to boost your preparation. However, it is important to understand that you should practice questions until you score well on your mock tests. If your score is good in mock tests then you are ready for the PMP exam.

The following poll will give you an idea about how much you should score in the mock tests.

how much score in mock tests
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Over to You

Were you looking for some other data that you didn’t find in this post?

Let me know in the comment section below and I will conduct a poll and share the figure with you.

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