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I had recently written a post to share the experiences of a newly credentialed PMP – Musings of a newly anointed PMP…
The post gave some good inputs to aspiring PMP candidates. Here is another post wherein I would like to share tips and tricks from another student of mine – Abhey. I must commend Abhey for the approach and commitment for PMP credential. He had a timeframe of 2 weeks in mind when he started the training and he earned PMP certificate in 2 weeks. I would like to thank Abhey for sharing his inputs and also wish him best of luck for future.
I have reproduced Abhey’s words in the rest of the post
All, here’s what I went through my prep:
– I started with understanding of all Processes, Professional Responsibility and then all the KA chapters. In the end, did the Integration chapter, which then made more sense to read
– I read PMBOK and PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy (RM) in parallel. Once I read the RM chapter, then I used to read the corresponding PMBOK chapter. Based on tricks marked in RM, I marked important points in the PMBOK.
– I did all the questions at the end of the chapter of RM plus Head First PMP plus mock questions that I found on the internet.
– I did not cram anything, not even the formulas (as I just can’t remember what I cram). Just tried to make sense of what it is and how could it be calculated. (Note: I noticed many a times questions are not direct; hence understanding the formula is v imp else u just might not know what the questions is talking).
Couple of tricks of the trade:
– Do a lot of mock ques. Read explanations of all options. For my questions wrongly answered, not only did I tried to understand the right answer, but also tried to figured out why the other options were wrong, and in which scenario (compared to the question) will they be right. This kind of helped prepare for 4 questions at a time instead of one. 
– When I prepared, I did not prepare keeping just generic large projects in mind. Since the beginning I created two cases, that I managing the construction of Delhi metro/ Mumbai sea link. What will I do in this situation? This helped me immensely in answering logically.
– Answer all the questions with a positive mindset. Proactive choices were mostly correct, and if all were reactive, and then the most positive outcome/ intent would be correct 🙂
– Also, do at lest 3-4 mock tests. This way you will have a fair idea whether you will have time left at the end of the 200 ques. If yes, then you know you would know how much time u have to glance thru marked ques. This will help you in spending on the questions in the first pass accordingly.
– Last but not the least – Imp: if you notice the PMI div of questions, 11% are from Initiation, and 9% are from closing = 20% = about 40 questions and these two PA just have 2 processes each. So know these four processes inside out, and 50% of the battle to passing %age is won 🙂
Everyone has their own prep/ studying style; but I hope this is of help. Best of luck to all those who are taking the exam soon.

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