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Want to know if your colleague is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) holder as he claims to be? Or want to lookup and check the validity of your own PMI (Project Management Institute) certification?

You can do these things by cross-referencing the online PMI registry, which is an online directory of PMI certified individuals. It is an searchable database to find out if a person is an authenticated certification holder or not. You can use it to verify the veracity of PMP or any other PMI certificate.

You can click here to go to the PMI registry.

You can use this registry to check PMI records for any project manager who has agreed to disclose his credentials. However, you cannot use it to check his certification number or credential ID (unique identifier). You can only check the status and validity of the certification.

Let’s find out how you can use the PMI online registry.

I have written this article using my own example for PMP  certification but you can use the registry to check for any valid PMI certification.

Steps to Check PMI Registry for PMP Verification

1. Go to

2. Hover your mouse over to ‘Certifications’ in the main menu as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

3. Click on ‘Certification Registry’ in the sub-menu as shown in Figure 2. You can also click here to directly access registry page.

Figure 2

4. You will see a search form with four fields – First Name, Last name, Credential, Country, and Zip Code.

Figure 3

5. You can populate the search fields in the form shown in Figure 3 and click ‘Search’ button to lookup PMI credentials of a person(s).

As an example, you can check my credential status. Figure 4 shows the search result after entering my name.

Figure 4

When is PMI Certification Status Updated?

PMI keeps the records of certification holders up-to-date. It usually updates the records of certified professionals within 5 business days of passing the PMP certification exam but, in some cases, it might take longer.

So, don’t despair if you don’t see your name immediately after passing the PMP exam. If it more than 2 weeks then you can write to PMI to seek clarification. You can click here to find out PMI’s contact information.

You may not find every certified holder’s name in the certification registry. Certification holders can choose not to disclose their certification status on PMI’s website. It is not a mandatory requirement.

However, if someone has allowed PMI to display their certification status then it will appear against his your name in the registry.

Advantages of PMI Registry

Here are some advantages of searchable online registry:

  1. You can check certification status of your colleagues or subject matter experts.
  2. Recruiters and organizations looking to employ certified individuals can use it to check the credentials of a job candidate.
  3. You can verify that your own certification status is in good standing and find out for how long your certification is valid. This way you can plan to accumulate PDU (Professional Development Units) for renewing your certification.
  4. You can find the total number of certified project practitioners in a country by selecting only one country from the drop-down.

Disadvantages of PMI Registry

There are some disadvantages of online PMI database:

  1. You will not be able to verify the credentials of person who has chosen not to disclose his information. The disclosure is voluntary.
  2. You cannot see the certification numbers. You can only verify certification status.
  3. You cannot find the total number of certified professionals in the world in a single click.

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