The Ultimate Guide To PMI PMP Audit Process To Avoid Failure

pmi pmp audit process

In this post, I have described the complete details of PMP audit process. After reading this post you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the audit process like can you avoid PMI audit, at what stag is exam application audited, what percentage of applications are audited, what documents are required for verifying education & experience, what happens if you fail the audit etc.

This article talks about PMI audit process in general. Although this article has references to the PMP Exam, the information contained here is applicable to other PMI certifications like PMI-ACP.

What is PMP Audit Process?

You might be reading this article after your application has been selected for the PMP audit. Or you might be in the process of filling up the exam application form and you want to be prepared for the worst. You probably have heard numerous dreadful stories about the PMI audits and you just do not want to take any chances.

Don’t despair! You are at the right place.

The PMP audit generally happens immediately after you pay the exam fee. If your application is selected for the audit, you will receive an email from PMI informing you about it and asking you to submit a few documents. At this point, you may want to hide but there was no place to hide. You will just have to accept the truth and start collecting the documentation asked by PMI.

PMI Audit process ain’t as bad as you think it is.

First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of if your application has been selected for PMP audit process. There is nothing wrong with you or your application. PMI selects the applications randomly in order to ensure the credibility of the certification program and of the certification holders. The audit is part of the normal application process. There is absolutely no need to worry if you have provided genuine information in your PMP application.

PMI may verify some or all of the application details. If your application comes under audit, PMI can ask for proof of educational qualification and/or proof of contact hours among other things. You can refer to this PMI document for more details on what they can ask.

Frequently Asked Questions On PMI Application Audit

I am sure you still have many questions in your mind. How does the PMP Audit process work? What is Audited? Who is it meant for? When is it done? How long does it take? etc.

Let us answer some of the frequently asked questions about the process.



Nationality, race, creed, gender and other such things do not matter. PMI Audit is completely random.


It is not known how many applications are audited. PMI audits a specific percentage of application but it has not published any figures. Some websites suggest 8-10% of applications are audited. This figure might be true but there is no way to verify it.

Again there is no authentic information. PMI has not published any figures. However, PMI does not randomly reject an application. The applications are rejected only if you have not provided the required documentation.

You cannot do anything to avoid PMI Audit. It is a completely random process. Your chance of being audited (or not audited) is as good as (or as bad or) any other applicant.

No. It does not impact your credential exam in any manner.

No. There is no need to be afraid of anything  The audit does not impact your candidature in any manner.

PMI would send you an email immediately after you pay the exam fee. This email will tell you about the audit. The email will also provide complete details about the PMP audit process and what is expected from you.

– PMI usually asks for hard copies of your educational, training and project experience certificates.
– The candidate has to send requested documents through post and wait for PMI’s response.
– Upon receipt of your documents, PMI will verify them. If PMI is satisfied, the candidate will receive another email informing about successful completion of Audit
– PMI would also send eligibility code and Exam scheduling instructions upon successful completion of Audit. The candidate can then proceed to schedule the Exam.
– However, if PMI is not satisfied with the documents, the candidate would receive another email requesting for more information (or supporting documents
– In some rare cases, the candidate might fail the Audit.

No. All documents need to be sent by regular post or a courier service to the following address
Attn.: Certification Audit
14 Campus Blvd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

No. Photocopies of original certificates should be sent.


Anyone who has intimate knowledge of the project can verify project documents. e.g. colleague, peer, client or sponsor can verify the project documents. You should get it signed from the person whose name is written in the PMP application.

No. Anyone who has intimate knowledge of the project can verify project documents.

PMI would keep USD 100 as the processing fee. Rest of the credential fee would be refunded. You will have to apply for the Exam again.

All applications are verified on the basis of merit. You should not worry if your documentation is complete and it is conformant with the information provided in your application. Personally, I have not heard about anyone who has failed the Audit.

It takes anywhere between 10-15 working days to complete the process, provided the requested documents are sent immediately. PMI processes the documents usually within a week of their arrival.

All requested documents should reach PMI within 90 days.

You will fail the audit.

Again you will fail the audit.

After 1 year.

PMI provides 1 year to take the exam after the application approval. The period under the application audit is not counted towards the 1 year limit. It means that if the audit process takes 4 weeks then you will get additional 4 weeks to schedule and take the Exam.

You will have to take Exam under new version.

Final Thoughts

You can also visit PMI’s website for more information on PMI audit process. PMI’s website has the most authentic information. The website also has a page containing another set of Frequently Asked Questions on PMI audit process.

If you want to be extra sure about the PMI audit process then, you should buy PMI Exam Audit Kit. It contains a 40+ page pdf ebook, among other things, that will help you successfully passing the audit.

May you successfully pass the Audit…er…pass the exam. All the best.

Over To You

Has your application under audit? Is there any other question that is bothering you? Please leave your question in the comment field below.

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