Do You Need To Memorize PMP Formulas To Pass The Exam?

Many students think that PMP exam is a learning and memorization game. It is all about Formulas and ITTOs.

Well! It is not.

In today’s post, I am sharing study and preparation experience of Danielle who passed her exam without memorizing PMP formulas.

I would like to congratulate Danielle for attaining the PMP certification and wish her a great future. Next words are from Danielle.

How Did I Pass Without Memorizing PMP Formulas?

Hi! I have been lurking through this sub as I studied and never posted before but I wanted to echo/share what I have learned.

I started studying by reading a chapter of the PMBOK every week or two and following along with the Project Management Prepcast. I found the prepcasts to be long and hard to concentrate on but helpful to fill in gaps as I read through the PMBOK initially. The end of chapter quizzes on the prepcast also really helped! I started doing the full-length practice exams a month before my actual exam date. and did 5 total before hand and countless of their timed quizzes, which allow you to select areas to focus on and really work on certain skills. I HIGHLY recommend the prepcast. Between reading a chapter a week and just taking those quizzes and exams I didn’t buy any other prep stuff.

I did also watch the Ricardo Vargas video thoroughly 3 times throughout the month leading up to the exam.

PMP Exam Study Techniques

My general study techniques: I made flashcards as I read through the PMBOK. I reread each question I got wrong and learned how I was wrong and what was right on the prepcast exams/quizzes. Googled terms and explanations and found some really helpful sites to fill in my gaps in understanding that I will link below:

I did not bother memorizing the formulas outside of the easiest ones (CV, SV, CPI, SPI). I just worked on understanding the results of them. I had a couple CPI/SPI questions (one was interpreting, one calculating). I had one TCPI calculation one that I made an educated guess on. Honestly, I suck at memorizing math formulas and get stressed out so I just played to my strengths, it paid off.

The Test Day

All in all, I seriously was doubting myself, and it really hit about an hour into the exam. I was halfway done and sure I was going to fail. That turned out not to be the case, but if you feel that way, don’t let it get to you. Breath, and take one question at time.

Good luck to all of those who take it and thank you to all of those that suggested resources on here and answered questions. It really helps!

Over To You

Do you think mugging up and memorization is necessary for the PMP exam? Can you succeed without learning formulas.

Please share your prep strategy in the comments below.

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