How To Study For PMP In 2 Weeks & Pass The Certification Exam?

Do you think it is possible to pass the PMP exam with only a few weeks of study?

You answer would be – Nah! It is next to impossible. Most people have been conditioned into thinking that one needs anywhere between three months to one year to pass the exam. And sometimes aspirants take more than a year also. Let me tell you that passing the exam is not entirely based on how much time do spend on the preparation. It is more about your commitment & study strategy.

In this post, you will find experience of Patrick Mesey who studied for PMP in 2 weeks and passed the exam. I would like to congratulate him on his success.

Next words are from Patrick.

How To Pass PMP Exam With 60 Days Of Preparation 2 Weeks of Study?

Passed PMP 2 week study!

Today I passed my PMP!

I wanted to let the group know my study plan and maybe it will help someone.

I originally put 60 days ahead of me to study for this exam. However with the kids hitting summer break and vacation life delayed all my study opportunities. Or I failed to take advantage of down time. So in turn I was at 2 weeks left to study.

I took 3 days through a weekend to read the PMBOK 6th Edition from front to back. I then went back through to take some notes on things I didn’t understand. The next day I took a 200 question practice test. Scored 68%. From what I read it needs to be 75%-80% at least. I went through the questions and took notes on the ones I missed and read all of them.

After this I started the PMP study seminar by Joseph Phillips. Through this training I took notes focusing on terms and their meanings. It took off work the last 4 days to grind 8 hours a day to finish this seminar. I finished the night before the exam. After I took the 200 question test and made it through only 100 questions before it was time to go to sleep.

The Exam Day

Morning of the exam (today) I went over the questions I missed and the remainder of the questions. I then only focused on memorizing the processes and equations for about an hour and half. Then I went inside to take the exam. After a long 3 hours I finished the exam and was nervous I would change answers if I went back through so I just submitted it. I received Above Target on 3/5 areas and Target on the other two. Weight lifted!

What I would do differently:

Plan better.

Afford enough time to study 40 minutes a day instead of hours on end. It really burns you out.

Take more than one full length test with no breaks to gain stamina. I was fading toward the end.

I recommend about 4 weeks to study and no more. This information can be rough if it’s much longer than that. Two weeks worked for me. Judge by your own habits. Lastly, don’t give up! Push through and you can do it.

Study Material Used

PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

Online Training From Joseph Phillips

Over To You

How much time is sufficient to study for the PMP exam? 2 weeks may be a stretch. But do you think you can pass in 4-8 weeks?

Please share your opinion in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Study For PMP In 2 Weeks & Pass The Certification Exam?”

  1. I recently had a similar experience. I studies 3 hours each night for two weeks and passed. Memorized the processes and knowledge areas and equations, then took a bunch of practice tests to find out where to focus my efforts.

    For me, being able to decompose the questions was key. If you can decipher what it is actually asking you are 80-90% of the way there.

    I also took a Learning Tree course on the fifth edition two years ago and used notes from that course.


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