Absolutely Free Project Management Templates!

[infobox color=”#f6deb8″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”question-circle”]Are you sure? Are there really Free Project Management Templates?

Yes. You can find a few websites providing Free Project Management Templates. I found a few sources that I thought of sharing with you.[/infobox]

[infobox color=”#f6deb8″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”question-circle”]Are these Free Project Management Templates useful?

Yes, I believe they are. However, you should use your own discretion while using them in your projects. You might have to tweak them tou suit your project needs. [/infobox]

Free Project Management Templates

I conduct PMP courses as well as General Project Management courses. In my experience, a General Project Management course provides a much better learning experience to the students.

In General Project Management courses, I have some amount of flexibility while teaching. I can concentrate on what is required by students rather than just going by the book. In PMP courses, I have to teach for cracking the exam which does not provide any flexibility.

I usually teach General Project Management courses with the help of customized case studies. I share relevant and appropriate examples. The students learn partly through instruction but mainly by solving lot simulated exercises. The simulated exercises are based on practical project management challenges.

The PMP courses have a completely different blend. They are driven by sole purpose of making the students pass the PMP exam. There is little flexibility in designing of the course. The focus of a PMP Workshop remains on PMBOK Guide definitions and terminology.  I just don’t have the luxury to do any case studies or simulated exercises due to time constraint.

Do I use Project Management Templates in my Workshops? Are they useful?

Yes. I use many Project Management Templates in all my Workshops. They are immensely useful for learning. In the General Project Management Workshops, the students use these Project Management Templates to solve the simulated exercises. In PMP Workshops, I just show Project Management Templates to the students to stress PMBOK Guide’s concepts. I have found Project Management Templates to be very useful for learning in all type of courses.

I have only a small time window to use a few Project Management Templates during the Workshops but actual Project Management is a very different ball game. You can use Project Management templates in all walks of Project Management. There are a score of Project Management Templates meant for a specific purpose or for a specific process. So I thought of sharing a few websites where Professionals and Students alike can find free useful Project Management Templates.

I believe Students can look at them to enhance their learning while Project Management  Practitioners can customize them for their projects. Here are links to some of the web resources.

[infobox color=”#dcf2d3″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”plus-circle”]PMBOK PG based Templates[/infobox]

[infobox color=”#dcf2d3″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”plus-circle”]PMBOK based KA Templates[/infobox]

[infobox color=”#dcf2d3″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”plus-circle”]Prince2 Templates[/infobox]

[infobox color=”#dcf2d3″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”plus-circle”]PMLinks Templates[/infobox]

[infobox color=”#ecdcee” textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”search”]I would request the readers to comment on this post. Please share some more links for Project Management Templates.[/infobox]


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