Is Projectized The Best Project Organization Structure?

projectized orgnization

Did you know that there are many types of project organization structures? Projectized structure is one of the many forms of organizations. You would ask what the difference is between Projectized and Project structure. And how is it relevant to project management? Read on. I have explained the finer nuances of projectized organizations in this … Read more

Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Risk Analysis

difference between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

There are many Project Management (PM) terms, which are slightly confusing and difficult to understand. Qualitative Risk Analysis and Quantitative Risk Analysis are two such confusing terms. I have written this article to distinguish and differentiate between these terms. In addition, you will find detailed explanation of qualitative and quantitative Analysis techniques along with suitable … Read more

Fast Tracking vs Crashing: How To Compress The Project Schedule?

fast-tracking crashing project schedule compression

You will find a detailed discourse of project schedule compression in this article. I will discuss about fast tracking and crashing as the two main methods to shorten the project duration. I will discuss these using an example and diagrams. This post will be equally useful for PMP aspirants and professionals who are doing project … Read more

Project Charter: Example, Template, Definition, & Purpose [PMBOK]

project charter

A Project Charter is generally considered as a worthless document but it is one of the most useful documents for managing projects. A Project Charter is generally prepared at the start of a project. It is signed by the Sponsor and issued to the project manager. This document authorizes the project manager to use the … Read more

3 Differences Between Configuration Management vs Change Management

configuration management vs change management

Is configuration management part of change management? Or, is it the other way around? A few months ago, there was an interesting discussion on one of the LinkedIn forum. The discussion was focused on configuration management vs change management. A few participants said that Configuration Management Plan is part of Change Management Plan. While other … Read more

Difference Between Project Program & Portfolio Management

project program portfolio management

You might be looking for the difference between Project, Program and Portfolio Management. I have written this post to define, explain, and compare these terms from an Organizational Management perspective. In this post, you will find examples and diagrams that will help you to understand these terms. In addition, you will also find a brief … Read more

Critical Path Analysis Example – 2 Ways to Calculate Critical Path

critical path analysis

Critical Path Analysis Example – Using 0 and 1 Method I got introduced to Critical Path Analysis in the year 1997. I am a software engineer by education. I learned most of the project management concepts while managing software projects – Critical Path Analysis was one such concept. I learned about Critical Path while using … Read more

When is an Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contract Used?

fixed price with economic price adjustments

Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contract Explained Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contract is a variation of the basic Fixed Price Contract (FP). In some of my previous articles, I have explained all the other variations of FP Contracts (as enumerated in PMBOK® Guide). In this article, I will talk about Fixed Price … Read more