Conflict Resolution Strategies In Project Management (PMP)

conflict management strategies project management PMP

Conflict resolution is an art of recognizing and handling disputes in a sensible, efficient, and balanced manner. According to the PMBOK Guide (A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge) 7th edition, there are 6 conflict management strategies. These are: Confronting/Problem Solving Collaborating Compromising Smoothing/accommodating Forcing Withdrawal/avoiding Let’s understand the overall conflict resolution process and … Read more

How To Use PMI Registry For PMP Verification? [2022]

PMI Registry

Want to know if your colleague is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) holder as he claims to be? Or want to lookup and check the validity of your own PMI (Project Management Institute) certification? You can do these things by cross-referencing the online PMI registry, which is an online directory of PMI certified individuals. … Read more

Parametric Estimating In Project Management With Examples

Parametric Estimating Project Management Examples

Parametric estimating technique uses an algorithm or formula to calculate expected duration, cost, or resource requirements based on historical data and other project parameters. It uses statistical relationship between different project variables for estimating current values. Parametric estimation is one of the five project management estimation methods that are described in the PMBOK Guide (A … Read more

Projects vs Operations Management: 10 Differences With Examples

projects vs operations management difference examples

As per the PMBOK Guide, a project can be defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. The main difference between projects and operations is that operations are not projects i.e., Operational work is neither temporary nor produces unique results. I have written this post to delve into the … Read more

Difference Between Most Confusing PMP (PMBOK) Terms

difference confusing important PMP (PMBOK) terms

PMP exam has many confusing terms. PMBOK Guide’s explanations of these terms only increases the confusion because the Guide is bereft of any examples or diagrams. I have compiled this post to explain the difference between several confusing concepts that appear in the PMP certification test. PMP is one of the most difficult project management … Read more

Andrew Ramdayal PMP Training Course Review: [Udemy 2022]

andrew ramdayal PMP training course review

In this article you would find Andrew Ramdayal PMP course review. This PMP online training course is designed and taught by Andrew Ramdayal. Andrew is the founder of TIA Education Group and has authored a best selling PMP reference book. He has over 60 certifications and is famous for his training courses. This course is … Read more

Top 14 Interesting Statistics | PMP & PMI Certifications [Nov 2022]

pmi pmp statistics

In this post, you will find interesting statistics related to PMI (Project Management Institute) and PMP (Project Management Professional). I have compiled these stats by taking data and figures from various PMI publications and surveys like PMP salary survey. Among many other things, these stats will tell you about the number of PMP certified professionals … Read more

Top 10 Advantages & Benefits Of PMP Certification

benefits of PMP certification

There are numerous advantages and benefits of PMP certification but the single most important reason for pursuing this certification is getting a hefty increase in salary. Here is a quote from PMI salary survey. Respondents with a PMP certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification — 16% higher on average across … Read more