About Praveen Malik, PMP

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 24+ years of experience. I am a computer science engineer by education and have good working experience of managing large multi-geography projects and programs.

I have a unique distinction of working in different business environments viz. software product development, software services, product oriented software services and software as a service. 

I created this blog in the year 2011 and started managing it actively in late 2015. It became my first profitable online business in late 2016. I have, since then, established a few more online businesses.

Nowadays, I devote my time in providing advisory and consulting services on project management and managing my various online businesses.

Early Years and Education

Till 1995

I was a quiet kid and I still am a quite person. If there is a party going on, you will find me sitting in a remote corner.

I usually speak when I am spoken too but there is an exception - I become extremely loquacious when I am conducting training or when someone ask me a question on which I have some expertise. I tend to speak at length and in deep detail on topics that are close to my heart. 

In my formative years, I was not really a studious kind of guy but I could easily grasp what I studied. I had a scientific bent of mind and liked subjects, which required some logical deductions.

I would  try to hunt every detail if I liked a particular subject. I still remember, when I was in senior grade in the high school, I would refer to my mother's (she was a doctorate in Chemistry) graduation books for my studies.

Quietness and hunger for knowledge are still present in my personality. I think, they are even more pronounced now.

Working Years

1995 to 2008

I completed my graduation in Computer Engineering in 1995. While studying, I took on programming as duck to water.

I started working after completing my graduation. Since I really liked my subject, I took a job of a s/w professional in the IT industry.

I quickly rose through the ranks and started managing projects quite early. In fact, as early as 1997, I got an opportunity to interface directly with the client and to manage a small project.

This gives me initial glimpse of project management and from there I started learning about more it.  

I got PMP certified in the year 2005. In the same year, I started taking project management training classes in my organization. Training gave me a lot of professional respect and a sense of direction for my future path.

I used to love my work while I was working but I always had an itch to start something on my own. In the year 2008, I finally called a quits to my job and started on a freelancing path.

Project Management Trainer & Consultant

2008 Till Now

I believe that proactive project management can make significant impact on project profitability; it can greatly enhance customer service and positively influence ROI. 

I take keen interest in furthering the cause of project management as a profession. After taking a mid-career shift in the year 2008, I started doing freelance project management activities.

I am a trainer at heart and has mentored & formally trained many successful individuals in the finer aspects of practical project management.

I established a small boutique organization in India that provides project management advisory and training services to the global clientele.

Online Entrepreneur

2016 Till Now

In the year 2011, I started an eponymous project management blog pmbypm.com (Project Management by Praveen Malik) to showcase my knowledge to the professional world. Initially, I did not concentrate much on the monetizing the blog. In fact, I didn't know how to monetize the blog.

In 2015, I started concentrating more on the blog and implemented strategies to grow the web traffic.  In early 2016, it started attracting global audience and became a small brand. After that, I learnt about the finer nuances of online business and started monetizing my blog.

Today, pmbypm.com is one of the top 2 blogs in its niche. 99% of the content on this blog is free but I also sell small informational products for the PMP preparation. These products generate some revenue and keep this blog running. 

After the success of pmbypm.com, I took a deep dive into the world of online businesses. I established a small organization, created a few other online properties and became a online entrepreneur.

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