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Failing In The PMP Exam Is Not The End Of The World

You would be feeling down and out after failing in the PMP exam.

This is natural​!

But, ​every negative emotion that you are feeling right now is 100% optional. You ​can get over ​them.

Just give yourself ten minutes...shout, curse, complain, and do whatever else you want to do but just get over the negative emotions.

You can't change what has already happened. It was in the past. You can't feel ​happy about it but there is no need to be sad about it also.

Unconditional acceptance of the reality is the best balm. You have to learn from your previous mistakes and start preparing for the next attempt with a new vigor.

You have to pick yourself up and move ahead.

People Fail All The Time...You Are Not Alone

PMP is a difficult exam and many people fail in it.

No one knows the failure rate of the PMP exam but many experts suggest that it could be as high a 50%.

There is not need to get frustrated. You have to start taking the next steps - find the reasons for failing, create a new study plan, prepare rigorously, and take the exam again.

Get your mind to the task and you will definitely pass.

Why Do Aspirants Fail In The PMP Exam?

The top reasons for failing


English is not the test takers first language.


The test takers did not spent enough hours while studying for the exam.


The test takers did not use good study material.

​And there are many more reasons...

What Was Your Reason?

Don't take next attempt before identifying the root cause of failing.

​Hey! I am Praveen Malik.

​I passed my PMP exam in the year 2005. In those days the PMBOK Guide was much ​thinner. It was about the one-fourth the size of today's version​, but the exam was equally difficult.​

In 2005, I ​had ​many anxious moments while preparing for the PMP Exam​. ​I had an uneasy feeling before taking the exam ​but I ​passed the exam with flying colors.

​Over the years, I have seen many people failing and getting frustrated but ultimately ​all of them pass the exam.

I became a full time trainer ​& coach in ​2008 and ​started this blog in 2010. Since then, ​many people have shared their exam preparation experiences with me on th​is blog. ​It has given me a lot of insight into why aspirants fail.

​I have used these learnings to create this online coaching program.​

4 Steps To Pass The PMP Exam

1. Identify the Root Cause

​I will start by looking at your preparation journey so far and understand the root cause of your failure. This will help ​me to understand your weak areas.

2. Prepare Exam Prep Schedule

​Based on your weak areas and the study material that you already ​own, we will create a personalized exam preparation schedule, which is specifically suited for you.

3. Constant Guidance for Studying

​I will give you regular and constant guidance throughout your study period. You can ask ​me any question related to the PMP exam and I will promptly respond.

4. Check your Preparation

​I will help you to check your preparation level and validate your study just before the exam. This will increase ​your chances of success in the exam.

Why You Shouldn't Do It Alone

​PMP is one of the most difficult exams. ​A little ​guidance and motivation will help you to pass the exam.

One way to do this is to get yourself enrolled into ​a classroom training but ​such trainings are very expensive and run on a schedule.

A personal one-on-one coaching can help you to study according to your own schedule. Furthermore, you can ask questions and clarify your doubts anytime you want to.

Get your personal coach and boost your chances for success.

How I Will ​Help You

  • I will provide ​one-on-one coaching and guidance.
  • I will provide ​lifetime coaching to you till you pass the exam.
  • ​I will help you in creating a personalized exam preparation schedule.
  • You can ask me anything related to the PMP exam and I will answer your questions.
  • I will help you in ​understanding the key PMBOK Guide concepts ​for passing the exam.

Customer Stories

“Thanks a ton for all support and advice. And surprisingly got above Target in M& C. Really I can't express in words the help and push i got from you thank you again.”

- Sanjeev Johar  -

​“I want to first thank you for all of your emails responses and test taking tips. I am very happy to inform you that I passed my CAPM Exam.”

- KD Johnson -

“All of the information was very useful for clarifying specific topics, definitely worth it. I was able to successfully pass the PMP exam.”

- Ken -

Benefits of Coaching

Personal Guidance

​Get one-one personal guidance from Industry's renowned PMP coach.

Pass Guarantee

​Get your m​oney back if you fail the exam again.

Unlimited Support

​Get unlimited question and answer support till you pass the PMP exam.

Proven System

​Join hundreds of people who have successfully passed under my coaching.



Email Coaching

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Lifetime coaching till you pass
  • Exam preparation schedule
  • Ask ​any ​question
  • Understand ​key concepts

$99​ 69


Email Coaching + ITTO Learning ​Tools

  • ​​Everything from Basic ​Plan
  • ITTO Concepts eBook
  • ITTO Cheat sheet
  • ITTO Mind Maps
  • ITTO Quiz

$1​39​ ​99


Email Coaching + ITTO ​Learning Tools + Telephonic Coaching

  • ​Everything from ​Standard Plan​
  • ​5 telephonic coaching sessions ​of 30 mins each

$​389​ ​299

About ​The Author

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 24+ years of experience.

I have been teaching PMP students since 2005. I have conducted several in-classroom & online PMP workshops and trained thousands of aspirants for the certification exam

In ​have seen many students ​failing in the PMP exam ​and it is not something that you should be ashamed of. Failure is the first step towards success.

​Praveen Malik

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't pass your PMP or CAPM exam, just let me know and I 'll send you a prompt refund. And, that is not all. I will also provide unlimited email support till you pass your PMP credential exam.

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