What is the change in PMP exam after August 30, 2011? Read On…

Why am I writing this post much after Aug 30, 2011? More than 6 months have passed since August 30, 2011.

I am frequently asked about what has changed after Aug 30, 2011. The question not only comes from the people who attended a PMP training before August 30, 2011 but also from the current participants.

The questions come in many varied forms:

  1. Are there too many changes in the exam?
  2. Should we follow the same reference material?
  3. Is the exam more/less difficult?
  4. How should we prepare differently?
  5. Do I need to attend another training?
  6. Have they changed the course material?
  7. Has PMI released a new edition of PMBOK? For answer to this and previous Q please read PMBOK Fifth edition?

Short answer. There are very little changes.

Whenever you have a doubt about PMP or any other PMI related matter just go to www.pmi.org and find out the complete details. Do not follow opinions or believe in rumors.

Let us try to answer what all has changed?

The change is only with respect to the way PMI is evaluating the candidates i.e. the percentage of questions coming from different domains – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Closing. Instead of 6 domains, now there are 5 domains.

What has not changed?

  1. There is no change in style of questions.
  2. There is no change in course content.
  3. PMBOK remains same – 4th edition.
  4. The eligibility criteria remains same.
  5. Professional responsibility questions still come albeit they are scored as part of one of the 5 domains. Professional responsibility questions are not scored separately as earlier.
  6. There is no change in application process or exam fee.
  7. There is no change in PG or KA or PM processes.

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There is no need to be unduly worried. The exam is still as difficult as it was… 🙁

All the best.

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