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You might be looking for the PMP exam lessons learned from the previous test takes. It is always a good idea to have a proper study strategy before beginning the exam prep. In this post you will tips to succeed in the first try, time needed for the preparation, and a few best practices that will help you in your endeavor.

Many people feel happy about passing the exam but few of them want to share their happiness with the World. Bharti Ochani not only passed the exam but shared her PMP exam prep experience on LinkedIn. I requested her to republish her experience on this blog. She went a step ahead and gave me detailed notes for the publication. I would like to thank her and wish her success.

Next words are from Bharti.

PMP Exam Lessons Learned

Passed PMP Exam On August 13, 2018

So the Journey at last touches its mountains. It all started 4 months back in April 18.

My experience will be based on two major canvasses of technical guidelines and attitude towards PMP Journey.

Technical Guidelines For The Journey

Here are PMP exam lesson learned of my sources of study, working hours etc.

  1. 03 days registered boot camp by AUC to warm up myself.
  2. Learning of PMBOK 6 chapter’s process group wise. 03 hours on weekdays and 7 hours on weekends.
  3. Given full fledged AUC mock up simulators twice.
  4. Practice mock ups of Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc., PMP, Prep cast mocks, PM podcast, Udemy, Dyan Ryan daily , weekly also at sleep timings because their mocks are handy at android phones.
  5. Also download PMP® Exam Mentor app which helps me a lot and excitement when I clear higher levels.
  6. In my leisure time despite using social apps I practice exams on my phone to keep my mind on track.
  7. Taken a 1 week off from office for revision of PMBOK 6 and practiced Rita Mulcahy 9 edition practice questions.
  8. Also quickly gone through the tricks at last of every knowledge area in Rita Mulcahy edition 9.

The Final Thrust

After clearing my 2nd mock simulator, I booked the test giving gap of only 1 week. Two days before exam got scared and depressed if last screen shows fail then how I will move on? Hours of hours I spend by talking with myself about post exam impact both positive and negative.

Negative in terms of what people will say, lethargic attitude towards 2nd attempt, loose motivation, lesser opportunities, and career became stagnant.

Positive in terms of Life after PMP i.e. Greater Respect, Stand out from crowd, Greater opportunities, PMP Blue Badge, FB Post, Linked Inn Update, Eligible to use ® against Bharti Ochani. The biggest among this is my Papa, Mummy and sibling happiness as I use to believe that after graduation we won’t give such moments to our parents which proved me wrong .

With these thoughts I found that balance of positivity’s is more heavier than negativity though scoring of negative thoughts is exemplary but my heart was tightly bound with heavier version of positivity traits therefore I ignore all disturbing elements.

And then comes the exam day where got depression attack of starting 1/2 hour as I was marking Review against every question and I was like, at the end from where I will get the answer but on the other side of heart have strong feeling that yes I will do it. (Take it quite natural I swear) Exam was simple to the point question, no long stories though execution part was found bit difficult.

Last 30 minutes were full of long heart beats, reviewed all marked questions. Performed survey and then countdown begins.

After pause of seconds Got message “Congratulation”. The life time achievement feeling ever.

Never underestimate PMP exam but never underestimate yourself as well. Believe me Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping. For me competitors won’t generate spark in me to go beyond my boundaries , my laziness is strong contributor to create kick and spark alive within me so found out yours as well what empowers you to go for it as only studying , practicing etc. not enough , attitude matters a lot.

I will be available at to help wherever needed. You can also check my credentials at Acclaim.


Study Material Used


PM Prepcast Practice Tests

PMP Exam Mentor App

Practice Mock Tests Of Oliver F.Lehman

Rita Mulcahy 9th Edition

Over To You

What strategy for the PMP exam preparation are you using? Do you think above mentioned PMP exam lessons learned will help you? What other sources do you think can help you to prepare for the exam?

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