PMP Experience
PMP Experience
The title of this post may seem odd. PMP is considered to be one the difficult exams to crack.Sushil (who recently participated in my 4 day PMP prep class) recently became PMP certified. He cracked the exam within 6 weeks of finishing PMP facilitation workshop. More importantly he to cleared the exam after going through harrowing & stressful time.

Read the story below and you would realize that nothing is impossible. With consistent hard work, courage, persistence and presence of mind one can overcome the odds to reach his or her goal(s).

I have reproduced Sushil’s story in his own words while keeping out the some minor details so as not malign anyone. I have written his story to motivate future PMPs.

  1. Be prepared for the exam day for all foreseeable risks (aka known unknowns). The exam day is the most important day after you have done all the ground work. Specifically carry Government issued IDs (better to take the passport if you have it).
  2. Do not give up in case of adversities. Think out of the box and try to make things happen. Remember luck favors the brave.

Kudos to Sushil for becoming PMP and all the best to future aspirants.

My exam was scheduled at 8 A.M but I was not allowed to appear in the examination because of not being able to prove my identity. I was carrying my original driving license (plastic card license) issued by Government as an ID proof but somehow Prometric guys felt that it’s not the original one rather the colored scanned copy of the same. The reasoning they had given was that “We are specialist in recognizing the ID cards, have been doing this job since last 5-6 years and Government does not use that kind of plastic material for the driving licenses”.
To support my case, I have shown them my company ID card/Debit card but those guys were not ready to listen and I have been told that they can’t allow me for the exam, exam would be cancelled and I would have to apply for it again. After long discussions/argument with those guys, they got ready to cooperate but with the condition if I would be able to arrange another ID till 1:30 P.M. Arranging another ID proof within that timeframe was not possible for me as I am from a place which is Around 300 K.M from the examination center, it was already 8:30 A.M and getting the ID proof within 4-5 hours was next to impossible but still thought to take the chance. I asked my father to start from my home along with my passport. Meanwhile, I got in touch with PMI customer care and explained the entire case to them. Those guys were very supportive and they contacted prometric center but even than Prometric guys were not ready to listen.
My Father travelled all the way from my native place just to get me my passport and finally he reached at examination center around 2:30 P.M so I took my passport and approached the prometric guys. Again I have been denied for appearing in the exam as I was one hour late than what was proposed to me earlier. I have tried to explain my situation to them saying it was not easy to get the ID proof from my native place within the timeframe I have been provided. I tried to convince them that I have tried my best to arrange another ID proof even after I was already carrying the original driving license with me. I approached the PMI customer care again, they cooperated with me and gave me assurance that exam would be held today only. Some senior officer from the PMI customer care contacted Prometric center and gave them instructions to allow me for the exam but again those guys were quite adamant and did not allow me. I was constantly requesting Prometric guys to allow me for the exam as my case was very much clear and genuine. I was told that I was trying to be smart as I was constantly approaching the PMI customer care dept. After so many requests, they got ready but with the condition to finish the exam in two hours. I told them that it won’t be possible to finish four hours exam in two hours and in that case, I would get failed definitely. Prometric guys started giving me N number of reasons saying they also have their personal life and they can’t wait for the exam to finish so I would be required to finish the exam within two hours. After that I think someone from PMI customer care dept approached them again and instructed them again to allow me for the exam. Finally after lots of discussion/arguments, I have been allowed to appear in the exam without any condition and I have made it.   
So moral of the story is that, Please carry with you at least 2 ID proofs when appearing for the PMP exam.  

Note: This post is not written to criticize or smear Prometric rather to highlight that somethings may happen on which you might not have any control. So don’t lose your patience and try to overcome the misfortune.

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  1. By no means limited to Prometric, they are people too; “Give some people an inch and they think they are a ruler!” Anonymous

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