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Sometime ago Asad posted his PMP exam review on Reddit. He passed the certification test with flying colors with ‘above target’ in four domains and ‘target’ Monitoring & Controlling domain.

I contacted him and requested him to publish his opinion on my blog. He happily and readily agreed.

I believe Asad’s analysis and evaluation of PMP credential will motivate you to take a shot at the exam. His post proves that trying and testing circumstances cannot stop you from cracking the exam.

I would like to congratulate Asad on his success and wish him good luck for future endeavors. The next words are from Asad.

PMP Exam Review By Asad

My Personal Situation

This was a stressful time. Work was really busy, there are layoffs coming within a month, I’m getting married in 4 weeks and I have some personal problems at home (who doesn’t) that really distracted me from this test. Luckily I scheduled a date and reviewed some of the key materials on this sub to pass.


  • Joseph Phillips UDEMY – 5th Edition Material (I bought the wrong one lol)
  • PMBOK – I took a read of the book and just extracted key deliverables/documents and highlighted in notes
  • Pocket Prep for those ITTO questions
  • Vargas Process Flow
  • Easily Confused Terms
  • PMI-isms
  • Review some concepts in Rita. I didn’t really like Rita, too long and drawn it, a lot of useless information.

Exam Prep

  • PMtraining was my primary resource. I did every knowledge area and most of the PM lite exams. My scores ranged from 70% to 86%
  • Pocket prep, but this was too easy and was focused on ITTOs. Not sure on %
  • Rita exams, I didn’t read the book just tried to straight up take the practice quizzes at the end of the chapter. I ranged from 60% to 88%. I really sucked at resources, risk, and integration. I didn’t like these exams it really discouraged me.
  • I scored 74%

The Exam Day

Standard procedure, couldn’t bring in anything to the room and was asked to empty pockets and sign/in-out. I spent too many trips to the bathroom for a 4 hr exam. I think I wasted 15-20 minutes with 3 bathrooms break. I probably reviewed to close to 50% of the questions, the questions were so vague.

The content was very similar as the posts here:

  • What should you do first as PM
  • What major document should you use (RAM/RACI, Risk Register)
  • Alot of change management (Analyze/document, PICC, then implement)
  • Content was majority Risk, Change control, Resources (acquire, develop, manage), 1 agile, 3-4 EV, 5-6 of project business cases/benefits analysis, 2-3 procurement questions (contract type)
  • I kept getting caught up what to do first, update issue log, or document, so really understand the process of change control.

Study Material Used

Joseph Phillips PMP Book
Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Book

Over To You

Do you think your personal problems can stop you from getting PMP Certification? How do generally motivate yourself? How much time have you given yourself for cracking the exam?

Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Personal problems will definitely affect your preparations for PMP Certification but you have to solve these issues otherwise there is no chance to have a better preparation.

    Your Study material and is helpful for me. Thank you!

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