PMP Experience
PMP Experience

It has been a few days since I posted my last article. In that article I shared the experience of a new PMP. This post is on the same line.Since my last article I have received many messages confirming that they have become PMP and all of them shared their thoughts. However, today I am going to share thoughts of Manas Ratra who wrote about his preparation methodology in detail. Hopefully it will help the PMP aspirants.

Here it goes…

Being a PMP gives such a relief!! 12th Sep was the D-day for me…
Thru this post, I wud like to thank Mr. Praveen Malik for his wonderful training session (7-8th & 14-15th July, Noida)!! Many of his words from the classroom session still echo in my head which became the foundation of my preparation. Also, I thank him for introducing me to this group of wonderful “virtual team” members!! My preparation for the exam wasn’t very systamatic. I used to syudy in bits & pieces, but I never lost touch with this group’s coversations. Even if I didn’t study a day, I used to go thru the qs & explanations posted on this group, which kept my gray cells alive. A huge thanks to this group!!
I somehow managed to score 70-75% in PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy qs at the bak of all the chapters, 70-75% in Rita Mulcahys PM FasTrack and 80+% in Scordo’s mock 1-6.
After taking the exam, my suggestions to the aspirants wud be:
1. PMBoK is the bible. U need not refer any other book unless u hv a difficulty in understanding any particular topic. U can take tht specific topic from Rita or Head First PMP.
2. Understand the presence (outputs) of every process & relate it to the real-time projects.
3. Understanding of all the tools & techniques is very important. As in, how & what exactly it does & how it facilitates the output.
4. EVM & Critical Chain numericals. They were in plenty while i took the exam. I didnt face any PTA q.
5. Practice, practice & practice. Do qs from Rita, Head first & Scordo & attempt Fast Tracks simulated PMP & Super PMP exams. It wud help u judge urself + it wud help u prepare to sit 4 hrs in front of the screen.
Best of luck to all !!
Happy Studying!! 🙂

All the best.

February 2016 Update: PMI used to have a eReads section on their website. It had wealth of knowledge material. eReads had about 1000 free sample exam questions from Christopher Scordo. These questions were considered to be the Gold Standard for the Exam. Unfortunately PMI has taken off this section after January 2016. But, if you want, you can click here to buy Christopher Scordo’s PMP Practice Exams directly from his website. Before you buy, you can also look at my article that compares 6 popular PMP exam simulators to read more about Christopher Scordo’s simulator.

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