Best Udemy Courses – 3 Steps & 7 Parameters To Find Best Udemy Course

Which Are The Best Udemy Courses?

best udemy coursesLet us talk about best Udemy courses on project management. You should read Top Udemy Courses On Project Management to look at my recommendations on project management courses.

Let us move to some other subject(s). You would be reading this article to find out the best Udemy courses on any subject. Udemy offers plethora of courses. At the time of writing this article, it has over 40,000 courses on various different subjects.

So how do you find best Udemy course on Beauty & Makeup or Dance or Self Defense or Wildlife Photography or something else? I am, not for a moment, suggesting that I have expertise in any of these subjects. In fact, on the contrary, I have no knowledge on these subjects. I am not the right person to suggest you anything about these subjects. Probably a monkey can do a better job than me in shortlisting the best Udemy course on any of these subjects.

Don’t get me wrong. All of us our own expertise. I can definitely recommend something on project management. But, I cannot possibly review courses on an alien subject like Vocal Music – it would be unfair on my part. I do not have expertise Vocal Music, but I definitely have expertise on Udemy.

Every now and then I like to learn new things. Udemy and books are my first choice to seek new knowledge. I will show you the strategy I use to find the best Udemy course on a particular subject.

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3 Steps To Find Best Udemy Courses

I cannot tell you the best Udemy course on a particular subject. However, I can tell you a method to find the best Udemy courses. It is quiet easy to find the top courses – you just need a few minutes to do so. Let me talk about the procedure and parameters that will help you to shortlist and determine the best Udemy courses.

Step I – Browse Udemy Courses

Go to Udemy Courses page. You can browse various categories and cub-categories of courses. E.g. if I wanted to learn Russian, I can browse and then click on the Language->Russian. Refer to the following figure.

best udemy course

Click to see live example

Russian Language is a very small sub-category. You can find all the courses (free & paid) listed on a single page. You can further shortlist the courses by choosing options available on left side. It is very easy to choose your best course for learning Russian. Refer to the following figure.

udemy best course

Click to see live example

Let us look at a broader sub-category Personal Development->Productivity. Once you click on it you can will find a list of ‘Featured’ and ‘All Courses’. The next step is to shortlist a few courses from this list for the final review.

udemy best courses

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Featured’ list – You can start with shortlisting ‘Top Student Pick’ and ‘Editor’s Pick

All Courses’ – You should look at the title of the course to ensure that it caters to your need. You can also look at the number of hours of video provided in the course, but it is not as important. Some instructors provide extra documents and presentation that make up for the less amount of video. On the other hand, some instructors just meander for too long to make large videos, but the content is boring & repetitive. Ultimately, shortlist only those courses that have good ratings and have been rated by a large number of students.

Step II – Search Udemy

Sometimes the subject of your choice could be very specific and it is not available as a sub-category. In such a case, you should search Udemy for your desired courses. E.g. if you wanted to learn about ‘Stock Trading’, Searching is a better option than Browsing. If you Browse Udemy and go to Business->Finance, you would find many courses on related subjects like accounting, personal finance, forex, and investments.

Udemy search results

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Udemy Search Results

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As before, the next step is to shortlist a few courses, that have good ratings and have been rated by a large number of students.

Step III – Review Shortlisted Courses

Now that you have shortlisted a few course, you should open them in separate windows. You should critically review each one of them to find your best Udemy course. It will take only a few minutes to do so.

udemy courses page

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You should review and compare the shortlisted courses on the following parameters.

  1. Number of students enrolled
  2. Number of students who have rated the course
  3. Rating of the course
  4. Instructor’s Bio
  5. Curriculum of the course
  6. Sample Videos
  7. Written Reviews

Learning should never stop.

Start learning something new today. Go to Udemy courses page.

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