I found a small article on Internet that provides a brief history of Project Management in a succinct and lucid manner. I thought it would be worthwhile to share the article with my blog followers


I feel there is two errors in the article.

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  • The article attributes the creation of scheduling Bar Charts are attributed to Mr. Henry Gantt. It is true that Mr. Gantt used the bar charts extensively and credit must go to him to popularizing them but he was not the creator of Bar Charts.
  • The article suggests that initial edition of PMBOK® Guide was published in 1987 as a White Paper and first edition was actually published in 1996. It is true that first edition of PMBOK® Guide was published in 1996 and was based on 1987 publication. However, 1987 publication was published as a Standard and it was just called PMBOK and not PMBOK® Guide. There was no


Have fun…

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