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Best PMP Online Training Course – 6 Popular Courses Compared

best PMP online training

A PMP online training course is the cheapest way to obtain 35 contact hours. PMP certification exam is one of the toughest exams, so one must choose the prep course carefully. A few days ago, I received an email from one of the Blog followers. He wanted to know, which one is the best PMP online training course. I keep on receiving similar emails. PMP aspirants often ask me for a review or recommendation for the best PMP online course.

So, I thought let me write a formal article to share my opinion about a PMP online training course and to determine the best one. There are two types of PMP certification online courses:

  • On-demand or Self-paced or Self-learning online PMP online training
  • Online classroom or Instructor-led PMP prep courses

In this article, I have reviewed and compared 6 popular on-demand PMP online training courses. I have written a separate article to find out the best PMP instructor led training course.

Let me be frank here. It is not easy to pick the best on-demand PMP online training course. There are tens (if not hundreds) of such courses available on the Internet today. Just try searching “online PMP training” on Google and you will be astounded by the results. So, I started by shortlisting 6 popular courses. After that, I critically reviewed these courses and compared them on the key features.

By the end of this article, you would know the best online PMP training course. In addition to finding the best PMP course, you would also get know about the key features of a online course. If you want, you can use these key features to review, evaluate and compare any other course that is available on the Internet today.


On-demand PMP Online Course

In an on-demand course, you get access to online study material like videos, audios, presentations, and workbooks. You can use either a PC or a mobile device with Internet access for exam prep & study. Usually, these courses do not prescribe a study schedule. You have to study & learn on your own. A more appropriate name for an on-demand course is self-learning course.

Should You Invest in a Self-Learning Online PMP Prep Course?

To answer this question let us look at different flavors of PMP preparation courses. There are 3 main modes of getting a PMP training:

  • A self-learning course – This type of course is good for you, if you are self-disciplined and can follow a strict daily study schedule. In addition, you should have good project management experience to study and understand things on your own. You will be able to save a lot of money, if you choose this type of training course.
  • An online classroom PMP training course – This type of course is good for you, if it is difficult for you to study on a regular basis or if you need guidance from someone to kick-start your study. You will be forced to follow the class schedule by joining this type of course. You would be able to regularly interact with an instructor, who can help you with your exam prep & study.
  • A regular classroom training – This type of course is good for you, if your true learning comes from face to face interaction with an instructor & peer group. You will learn all about PMP in a short span of 4 days by joining this type of course.

In my opinion, if your are confident of studying and understanding things on your own, then you should go with a self-learning course. Otherwise, you should invest in either an PMP instructor led training course or a classroom training. Usually self-learning courses are much cheaper than the other forms of training courses. If you enroll into a self-leaning course, then you can potentially save a lot of money.


6 Popular Online PMP Training Courses

Cornelius Fichtner

cornelius fichtner pm prepcast pmp online training

Cornelius Fichtner is a industry’s leading expert on PMP. His company offers many PMI certification related products. His course goes with the name of PM PrepCast.


Christopher Scordo

christopher scordo pmtraining ondemand pmp course

Christopher Scordo is a veteran of PMP certification industry. He is the author of a popular PMP Exam Practice Questions book. His course is available on his company’s website – PMTraining.



simplilearn pmp

Unlike the above training providers, Simplilearn is a popular certification training company. It offers slew of courses that includes project management courses and many other. You can find their online PMP course on their website – SimpliLearn PMP online course.



pmp prep course online

PMStudy is a an old and established training company. It focuses only on project management training and certification products. You can find their solution on their website – PMStudy.


Andy Crowe

online pmp training

Andy Crowe is renowned project management author and speaker. He is the author of a best selling PMP prep book – The PMP Exam By Andy Crowe. His course is available on his company’s website – Velociteach.


Rita Mulcahy

pmp course online

RMC Learning Solutions was founded by the famous Rita Mulcahy. She was the author of the most popular PMP prep book – PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy. The company offers many project management training products. All the products, offered by this company, are based on Rita’s style of instruction. You can find the course on their website.


PMP Course Online – Key Features For Review & Comparison

We already know that there are tens of online courses out there. In this article, I have critically reviewed & compared 6 popular courses and found out the best PMP course online.

So, how did I compare these courses? What are the key factors that make a self-learning PMP online training course good? What are the things that you should look out for before enrolling in such a course? Here is a list of key attributes that are must for a self-learning online course.

Registered Education Provider (REP) – This is not an essential feature of a online PMP course, as a non-REP can also also issue a 35 contact hours certificate. However the certificates issued by a REP are pre-approved by PMI. Since PMP certification exam is a difficult exam, one should be careful and take online PMP training from a REP only.

35 Hours Certificate – Many training providers give access to the online training material but they do not issue the 35 contact hours certificate. Since this is a mandatory certificate for appearing in the exam, a training course is useless without it.

Native Language Trainer – The online videos and the other content should be prepared by an trainer whose native language is English. This makes the learning easy.

Mobile Access – In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of a PMP online course. You should be able to access the course material on a mobile device to save study time. Without this attribute, a online PMP training is as good as useless – you will not be able to utilize the flexibility that an online course can provide.

Study Aids – A PMP online course should provide additional study material besides the video and audio content. The video and audio content is good for understanding the concepts, but actual learning comes from practice tests, downloadable workbooks, formula guide, glossary etc.

Study Assistance – Many courses provide study support through emails, private forum discussions, and webinars; while some others do not provide this feature. Since you are studying on your own, this is a crucial feature to clarify the doubts. You might feel lost in the absence of such a feature. A PMP online course should provide such a feature.

Access Duration – I believe duration of access period for eLearning course should not be less than 90 days. I think 90 days is more than enough to prepare, study and pass the exam.

Content Quality – The quality of content is another important aspect of a PMP online training course. You would have to study & understand things on your own. You will face problems, if the content quality is not top-notch. The written content, pictures, graphics and illustrations should be clear & readable (in presentations & videos). The speech quality should be excellent in both video & audio content – the instruction should be clear, well-paced, and without any discernible accent. Overall, the content should be engaging & interesting.

Note: Some courses come with a pass guarantee. I believe, this should not be a key attribute for taking a decision on a course. In my opinion, pass guarantee is just a marketing gimmick and nothing more. A pass guarantee is not a bad attribute in itself. If all the other things are equal, then pass guarantee could be an icing on the cake. Otherwise, do not get swayed by it. Usually, under this guarantee, the training provider either refunds your fees or allows you to continue to access the course till you pass the exam. But, do you want to enroll in a course to fail the exam? You neither want your money back nor waste time & money on additional PMP attempts. So, a better approach is to invest your time & money in a good, credible, and popular course.


PMP Training Online – The Comparison

Cornelius Fichtner vs Christopher Scordo vs Simplilearn vs PMStudy vs Andy Crowe vs Rita Mulcahy

Cornelius Fichtner Christopher Scordo Simplilearn PMStudy Andy Crowe Rita Mulcahy
Course Demo Available Available Available Available Available Available
PMI REP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
35 Hours Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Native  Language Trainer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Access Downloadable Videos Requires Internet Mobile App Mobile App Requires Internet Requires Internet
Study Aids
Presentation Handout No Downloadable No No No No
Video Content 50 hours 40 hours 29 hours 4+ hours 35 hours 16 hours
Audio Content Yes No No Yes No Yes
Course Workbook 129 pages 450 pages No No No No
Knowledge Area Study Guide No Yes Yes Yes No No
Chapter Questions 300 About 300 83 345 500 About 100
Final Mock Questions 1800 200 + 1000+ Q simulator available for USD 49.00. 1000 800 200 1500+
PMP Formulas Guide Guide with 105 Q available at USD 29.99 Yes No No Yes No
PMBOK Guide Process Chart Complete ITTO Guide available at USD 4.99 Yes No No Yes No
Flashcards 1500 flashcards Available at USD 29.99 300 flashcards available at USD 29.95 No 200. Not downloadable. 250 flashcards available at USD 29.95 No
PMP Memory Map No Yes No No No No
PMP Tips & Tricks Yes. As part of the course and through weekly newsletters. Yes No Yes. Limited. No Yes
Glossary No Yes No Yes No No
Study Assistance Yes. Through Forums. Yes. Directly from instructor. Yes. Through Peers. Yes. Limited. No No
Access Period Lifetime 90 days 180 days 90 days 3 months 180 days
Other Attributes
Refund Policy 90 days 24 hours 7 days None 30 days None
Price USD 315 265 USD 599 349 Varies with country.

USD 299 224.25

USD 299.95 USD 349 USD 868
Buy At Available Discount



  • PM PrepCast is available in three variants – Basic, Elite & Executive. Out of these PM PrepCast Basic & Elite are online variants – Basic is priced at USD 199 while Elite is priced at USD 265. PM PrepCast Elite is a combo product – it comes with PM Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner that contains 1800 practice questions.
  • Velociteach’s course is also available for 1 month & 6 months access for USD 219 and USD 499 respectively. I have considered 3 months access for comparison, which is available for USD 349.
  • Simplilearn’s course is priced differently in different countries. You can check the price for your country by clicking here. You should also can check Simplilearn discount codes, if you decide to buy this course.
  • PMStudy’s course starts from USD 89.95 but it includes only 30 days of access. USD 89.95 package does not include 35 contact hour training certificate. I have considered 90 days access for comparison, which is available for USD 299.95.


PM-by-PM Rating

I have not considered pricing and refund policy while arriving at the following ratings. I have not considered them as the courses should be compared on the technical factors like quality & content; pricing should not influence the rating. Moreover, everyone’s budget is different. However, you should consider the price and other factors before taking the final decision.

Cornelius Fichtner Christopher Scordo Simplilearn PMStudy Andy Crowe Rita Mulcahy
PMI REP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
35 Hours Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Native Language Trainer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Access 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5) 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Study Aids 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)
Study Assistance 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5) 0.0 Stars (0.0 / 5) 0.0 Stars (0.0 / 5)
Access Duration 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Content Quality 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Overall Rating 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5) 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5) 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 3.6 Stars (3.6 / 5) 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) 3.2 Stars (3.2 / 5)
Price USD 315 265 USD 599 349 Varies with country.

USD 299 224.25

USD 299.95 USD 349 USD 868
Buy At Available Discount


Rational for Rating

  • Mobile Access – I have given 5 star rating if the videos can be downloaded and viewed offline on mobile phone and a 4 star rating if the videos access requires Internet connection.
  • Study Aids – Refer to the previous table of this article. I have given the rating based on the quantum of study material that is provided as part of the course.
  • Study Assistance – I have given 4 star rating for dedicated support by experts through emails, 3 star rating for support through forums, 2 star rating for assistance by customer support, and 0 stars if there is no assistance.
  • Access Period – I have given 4 star rating for 90 days or 3 months access and 5 star rating for more than 90 days access. I think 90 days is more than enough to prepare, study and pass the exam. I have given 1 star and 3 star rating for 30 days and 60 days access respectively.
  • Content Quality – I have given rating on content quality after thoroughly reviewing the videos and other study material.


Best PMP Online Course

The PMP Exam preparation is an expensive affair. The training cost is one of the major expenses. Many aspirants choose an on-demand course in order to save the money. You should choose the course carefully – It should not burn a hole in your pocket. If you search the Internet, you will find that most of the online courses are priced between USD 200-400. Any course that is priced in this range or less can be looked into, provided it offers good quality material.

If we look at the first table, Rita Mulcahy’s course seem to be a outlier – it is not priced within the suggested range. Let us talk more about it. The content is excellent, but the course is steeply priced & amount of study material is very less. I would not recommend you to invest in this course. You can buy a PMP Instructor Led Training Course in this price.

After doing a test run, review and thorough evaluation of the listed on-demand courses, here is my final recommendation.

First Choice

Christopher Scordo

christopher scordo pmtraining pmp

Christopher Scordo is a well known personality in the PMP training industry. His book (PMP Exam Prep: Questions Answers & Explanations by Christopher Scordo) is one of the best selling books for PMP exam prep. This course has the best study material with excellent content quality. Additionally, it offers more study aids then any other course. This is my top rated course. Only drawback of this course is that you need Internet to watch the videos on mobile. If you are not worried about spending few extra bucks, then you should definitely buy this course.


Another First Choice

Cornelius Fichtner

cornelius fichtner pm prepcast pmp

Cornelius Fichtner is renowned educationist and well respected figure in PMP training industry. Every year thousands of aspirants successfully pass the exam by studying from Cornelius’ training material. This course has joint highest rating in our comparison and it is reasonably priced. The best part is that it provides downloadable access to the videos. If you decide to invest in this course, then I would recommend you to buy in PM PrepCast Elite as it offers better value than the Basic variant. The Elite Variant is price at USD 265 whereas the Basic variant is priced at USD 199. However, the Elite variant comes bundled with 1800 practice questions PMP Exam Simulator. The Simulator is separately priced at USD 125, but you save $59 by buying it as part of PM PrepCast Elite.

Third Choice


simplilearn pmp

Simplilearn is a professionally managed company that offers slew of courses. If you are looking for a big and well-established brand then Simplilearn’s PMP course should be your top choice. They provide good videos, decent study material and excellent support.


I believe, my recommendations would suite your needs and you can buy a course after reading this article. However, if you want to explore more, you can use the key features to review, evaluate and compare other courses that are not covered in this article.


Disclosure: I have not received any compensation (in cash or kind) from the Authors or the Training Companies or anyone else associated with any of the training courses. But this article contains affiliate links – it means that, if you click & buy from these links then, I will receive a small commission. This commission helps me in maintaining this blog for free. However, you don’t pay anything extra. I do not actively use any of these products since I am already certified. But, I recommend only those products that I believe will definitely help the certification aspirants.

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