The life of a PMP aspirant after August 30, 2011

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One of my erstwhile students (Devender) who did his training before August 30, 2011 but appeared for the PMP exam after the D-day. I congratulate him t have successfully cracked the exam and than him for sharing his valuable suggestions. Here are the suggestions from him.
My suggestion is that one reading of PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy is necessary because it cover maximum exam content with example. My observation on questions are
  • As questions are not straight forward , one has to identify the process from description and then answer question like which one   is the Output/ input/T-T of the process.I have not seen any straight question asking Input/output/TT.
  • 1-2 questions are on Cost of Quality (appraisal cost, internal failure cost,prevention cost,external failure coast). One question I remember is, testing cost is covered in which of the following.
  • EVM numerical question asked in exam are simple and straight forward but one should also practice the question from procurement management also maily incentive calculation. Questions like, Cost and fee is given buyer/seller ratio and ceiling cost is given and we have to find out final fee and final price.3-4 example is given in PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy. One question came in my exam also.

These are very good points especially the first one. Most of the aspirants spend too much of time for learning (mugging up) the ITTOs by heart. This exercise is futile; one should try to logically understand the significance of ITTOs rather than memorizing them. More important is to understand the purpose of each process – ITTOs will automatically follow.

So where are the suggestions regarding change post August 30, 2011? There are no suggestions as there are no changes.

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