9 Most Important Concepts To Pass The PMP Certification Exam

If you are looking for key or the most important concepts to pass the PMP exam then you are at the right place.

In this post, I have shared Ala’ Ata’s PMP passing experience. She was very kind to write her experience down for the readers of this blog. I have just reproduced her experience in her own words.

Before we go further, I would like to tell you that all the topics in the PMBOK Guide are important for the PMP exam. Unlike many other tests, you just can’t study selectively. The ideas provided in this post are somewhat more critical and important than the others so you should spend more time on these.

PMP Preparation Strategy And Schedule

It was such great feeling passing the exam in my first attempt. My first advice it would be for any one who is preparing for the exam to be determined, consistent and study in concentration. The preparation period was almost 2 months and half.

I started reading the material the was prepared by the instructor after taking the course, then I bought RITA 8th edition updated, read it twice to understand the concepts (I highly recommend this book).

10 days from the exam I started studying extensively from 8-12 hours a day, I took the first simulation before 7 days the exam my first mark was 73% then I started reading the gaps from PMBOK 5th edition, 6th day before the exam I took another simulation I got 65%, then I started to think that I have to study more, I read all PMBOK IN 3 Days and re-read in gaps areas from RITA 8th edition updated, then I took Oliver Lehmann 175 questions just one day before the exam I got almost 76%.

I was little bit nervous as I studied very hard but I had very strong confidence that I will pass the exam. I reviewed the ITTO’s then I went to pass my exam. the exam was tough a lot of situational questions, I didn’t find time to review my answers I Finished just before the time in 2 minutes. I end the exam I found the CONGRATULATION screen 🙂

PMP Important Concepts

Areas where To concentrate in studying:

  1. Integration management especially change management (RITA explained in really comprehensive way )
  2. Quality planning and control. (I got maybe 5 Questions in my about Pareto chart).
  3. Cost management to concentrate on what’s the interpretation of the results.
  4. ITTO’s is very important to understand the tools needed why they are used in this process.
  5. Human resources to understand conflict management techniques organizational theories.
  6. Stakholder Management is very important in the exam a lot of question combined with the communication management.
  7. PMBOK Glossary.
  8. You have to read the PMBOK at least once.
  9. Solve RITA exercises, take time to think and solve them read the solution of your Right and wrong answers.

Study Material Used

Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep Book


Over To You

Ala’ passed the exam within a short duration. The key to her success was rigorous & focused study. How much time do you think you need to successfully pass the exam? What study material are you planning to use?

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