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Prometric centers across the India are running full. More and more people want to do PMP before July 31 deadline. Some of them are fortunate to get a booking at the Prometric Center while others are not so fortunate. There is not a single slot available for wannabe PMPs…

While Prometric centers are trying to handle the rush many of my students have passed the exam. Almost everyday I hear news about 2-3 successes. Bring it on….

One of students recently passed the exam. He shared his study plan which may be useful for future aspirants.

Thanks a lot Praveen Sir and this fantastic group. (a yahoo group pmi-pmp-prep)

The Exam included –

1. No ethics question

2. 10-12 EVM questions – very simple with little calculations but requires that you know what the terms are

3. 5-6 network diagram questions which again were simple to crack. Read the question clearly since they will try to confuse you.

4. There were few questions on contract types for procurement

5. Some topics which generated many questions were conflict resolution techniques and risk response techniques

My study plan –

1. Went through Head First PMP all chapters. Solved all exercise questions and full length paper

2. Went through PMBOK – more like reading what was missing in HeadFirst and believe me there are quite few things missing in Headfirst

3. Solved all 18 Scordo question papers

4. Solved all PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy exercise questions

5. Solved 3 full length exam and few knowledge area based ones (ones in which I thought I was weak) from Rita Mulcahys PM FasTrack

6. Repeated Scordo papers where I scored less

7. A day before the exam read the glossary terms and definitions in PMBOK



January 2014 Update: We have discontinued the Yahoo Group. You can join PMP discussion forum on Linkedin and post your questions.

February 2016 Update: PMI used to have a eReads section on their website. It had wealth of knowledge material. eReads had about 1000 free sample exam questions from Christopher Scordo. These questions were considered to be the Gold Standard for the Exam. Unfortunately PMI has taken off this section after January 2016. But, if you want, you can click here to buy Christopher Scordo’s PMP Practice Exams directly from his website. Before you buy, you can also look at my article that compares The Top PMP exam simulators to read more about Christopher Scordo’s simulator.

All the best for future aspirants.

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