How To Crack PMP In First Attempt And Be Successful?

how to crack pmp in first attempt

Whilst preparing for the PMP exam, few questions frequently strike into our thoughts – Is it possible to crack the PMP exam in the first attempt? If yes, then what tips are required to follow for the preparation? If such questions are also in your head then today’s post is for you. As I believe, the real experience shared by the aspirants who qualified the exam is the best way to learn and get preparation tips.

In this post, Pratik Machchar shared his PMP experience how he prepared and what lessons he learned during his exam journey. We are connected through Linkedin where he kindly shared this on my Linkedin group. His experience is split into two posts – the first where he shared his PMP credential journey and in the second half he shared what lessons he had learned.

Congrats him on his success! Next words are from Pratik Machchar.

My PMP Credential Journey – How I Started?

On March 20, 2018, I took the PMP exam, and thankfully passed on my first try!. I wrote this LinkedIn article to share my PMP Journey and Lessons Learned.

It took me around one year from registering at to actually give the exam. Initially, I spent around four months studying. After that, my priorities changed because of the change in business. I had a gap of six months before I started again. I only had around 25 days to study and give the exam.

Study Material I Used To Crack PMP In First Attempt

  1. Rita Mulcahy book
    Read it two times, First time during the initial four months of study and second time during final preparation.
  2. PMBOK
    Read only one time during the initial four months. Not referred during final preparation.
  3. Joseph Philips Udemy course
    Studied two times during initial four months of study.

The Exam Experience

It took me about 3 hours 40 minutes, including one break, to complete 200 questions. I used the rest of the time to check “marked” questions and verify my answers. I utilized the exam time entirely and finished the exam just one minute before.I had been watching my progress every hour to make sure that I would complete the exam on time. After two and a half hours, I was finding it a little difficult to concentrate. As I was ahead of time, I took one break to get myself refreshed. As suggested in Rita’s book, I also took some deep breaths before resuming my exam. This break indeed helped me to gain my concentration back.

The test center was well managed, except for the fact that someone next to my cubical was using the keyboard extensively and that keyboard sound disturbed me sometimes. Apart from that, I had no issues with the test center.

My Two Cents: Mantra To Be Successful

  • If you are an occasional spectacles wearer or having low eye power (number), I recommend you to take your spectacles with you and use them, in case your eyes get tired of constant four hours of reading.
  • You may try to use an audiobook to learn while you are driving or commuting. And even better if you can take a cab, Uber or Ola so that you can read with better concentration. In my case, I had to travel around two hours daily before the fifteen days of exam. I tried both, the audiobook and the cab. I found the cab more suitable. I read Rita’s book in the last fifteen days while I was traveling by cab.

Over To You

Do you think it is possible to crack the PMP exam in your first attempt? What strategy are you following to successfully complete your journey? Please leave a comment below.

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