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Critical Path Analysis Example – 2 Ways to Calculate Critical Path

critical path analysis

Critical Path Analysis Example – Using 0 and 1 Method I got introduced to Critical Path Analysis in the year 1997. I am a software engineer by education. I learned most of the project management concepts while managing software projects – Critical Path Analysis was one such concept. I learned about Critical Path while using […]

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Why do we need Start to Finish Relationship?

start to finish

Start to Finish Relationship is a Mathematical Practical Concept Start to Finish (SF) Relationship is probably one of the most confusing scheduling concept. It is not a profound concept but students still find it confounding. During my classes, most of the students are able to understand first 3 PDM Relationships easily. There are seldom any […]

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What is Project Time Management Definition?

time management definition

Project Time Management Definition & Terminology Project Time Management is a subset of Project Management. It includes knowledge, tools & techniques and skills that are required to ensure the timely completion of a project. Project Time Management is one of the essential pieces of Project Management. Some people claim that it is 50% of the […]

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Project Effort vs Duration vs Elapsed Time: Are They Different Or Same?

project duration and effort

What is the difference between project effort and duration? Do work and effort mean the same thing? What’s the distinction between project duration and elapsed time? I have written this article to answer these kind of questions. You find difference between and explanation of project effort vs duration vs elapsed time in this article. Project […]

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What is a Gantt Chart?

what is gantt chart

What is a Gantt Chart? Is Gantt Chart same as a Scheduling Bar Chart? What is a Time Scaled Logic Diagram? Is it same as Gantt chart? What is a Time Scaled Network Diagram? How is it different from Gantt Chart? Project Schedule can be represented in many ways. In one of my previous articles, […]

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9 Frequently Asked Questions on Lead and Lag

lead and lag

Lead and Lag Demystified There are many terms that perturb project management professionals. Lead and Lag are two such terms. I interact with many professionals on a regular basis. I often find that many of them are not fully aware of meaning of these terms. Even though they know the correct definitions of these terms, […]

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How to Use Leads and Lags in Project Schedule?

lead lag

Leads and Lags – Definitions, Explanations & Examples Leads and Lags are essential for making a good project schedule. They are the basic building blocks of scheduling. Many scheduling experts don’t use them. Instead, they often apply (incorrect) alternatives. In my opinion, Leads and Lags are easy to use and implement. They should always be […]

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Start to Finish Relationship In Project Management: Meaning & Examples

start to finish relationship

Start to Finish Relationship in Project Management In this article, I have defined and explained Start To Finish Logical Relationship with the help of Project Network Diagrams, Gantt Charts & Examples. Start to Finish (SF) is one of the four relationships described in Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM). The other three are: Finish to Start (FS) […]

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Finish to Finish Relationship In Project Management – Definition & Examples

finish to finish relationship

PDM Relationships – Finish to Finish This article extends my previous article on Project Network Diagram. Project Network Diagrams are used to pictorially represent Project Schedule and Project Dependencies. You can also read my other articles on Project Dependencies – What are Project Dependencies and 4 Types of Project Dependencies. There are many ways to […]

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