2 Ways to Create Work Breakdown Structure

work breakdown structure

What is Work Breakdown Structure? Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most misused term in Project Management. It can mean different things to different professionals. The meaning could be Organization Chart, Bar Chart (popularly known as Gantt Chart) or Roles & Responsibilities Chart. It is important to define WBS before we proceed further. … Read more

Work Package vs Activity: Understand The Difference With Examples

wbs work package vs activity

You might be looking for the difference between Work Package and Activity. It is very difficult to contrast work package vs activity by just looking at their definitions. In this article, you will find explanation and examples of these terms that will help you to understand the difference. The main difference between work package and … Read more

Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management With Examples

You might be looking to understand what Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is and why is it important in project management. Work Breakdown Structure is deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of total scope of work. WBS is a fabulous tool delineate and represent total scope – project as well as product scope. It is useful for estimating, … Read more

Scientific Estimation

scientific estimation

This is a follow-up post of my previous post 8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects. We can successfully execute and deliver the project within specified time and budget by estimating the size of the project scientifically. There are upteen estimation techniques and they are different for different industries. And within a industry they … Read more

8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects

fixed price projects

I write 2 blogs. One is the current blog on project management while the other is blog on completely unrelated subject – Cricket: http://fifth-umpire.blogspot.com/ Why am I mentioning my Cricket blog here? The word ‘Fix‘ is a dreaded word both in cricket and project management. Match fixing is a bane in cricket. One always gets … Read more