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3 Key Differences Between Project Program & Portfolio Management

project program portfolio

There is a difference between Project, Program and Portfolio but many people use these terms interchangeably in day to day conversations. Different companies use these terms differently. Many people within the same company use them differently. Usually, there is confusion around the meaning of these term. Each of these terms have a distinct meaning & […]

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A Beginners Guide To Project Dependencies With Examples

project dependencies

Project dependencies are nothing Schedule dependencies. I have written this article to discuss different aspects of dependencies in project management. You will find the definition, meaning, and description of dependencies in this post. You will also see explanatory diagrams and small examples of schedule dependencies. Project dependencies are often misconstrued as assumptions or constraints in […]

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The What, Why And How of Project Constraints

project constraints

You might want to understand what project constraints are and how are they different from assumptions, dependencies and risks. A project constraint is any factor that hinders or restricts the options of the project team. There are six primary constraints in project Management viz. Scope, Time (Schedule), Cost (Budget), Quality, Resources, and Risk. Out of […]

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What are Project Assumptions?

assumptions in project management

Do you know what the difference between Project Assumptions, Constraints and Dependencies is? As a young Project Manager I was always confused about 3 Project Management terms.  I was confused about the meaning of Project Assumptions, Project Constraints and Project Dependencies. I could not differentiate one from the other. I used to think that it […]

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When Should You Treat Competitors As Project Stakeholders?

Do you thinks competitors are project stakeholders? Some say that’s obvious! They are Negative Project Stakeholders. They assert that, according to the PMBOK Guide, Competitors are not Project Stakeholders. Many PMP books state the same thing. But is it really true? Let me answer this question with some examples. Organizational Competitors vs. Project Stakeholders Since […]

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How is Project Sponsor Role Different From Customer’s?

project sponsor role definition customer

When you think about project funding, you would think about Project Sponsor Role. So what is the role of Customer? Doesn’t Customer provide funds for the project? Is Project Sponsor same as Customer? I am often asked these kind of questions during PMP and other project management training workshops. Let us look at the definition […]

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5 Differences Between Project Charter and Contract

project charter

Project Charter Definition, Meaning and Purpose A few years ago, I got an assignment to setup PMO for a small software services company. After understanding their business and organization structure, I advised them to start creating Project Charter (PC) for every project. I provided a brief overview of PC to the main stakeholders and gave […]

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