EVM – Is it useful?


How EVM can be implemented in Projects? In my previous post I explained EVM through an example – Building Tables. Was that a practical project or practical measurement? I would not say so. Does an impractical project gel with my blog philosophy?EVM – Here I come… One of the reader’s wrote following comment on the … Read more EVM – Is it useful?

Earned Value Analysis: Formulas, Calculation & Example

earned value analysis management

Earned Value Analysis or Earned Value Management is considered to be one of the more difficult concepts of Project Management. Many practicing professionals find the earned value terms and definitions confusing. They somehow dread formulas and calculations. I believe, Earned Value Analysis(EVA) concept is lot simpler than it is made out to be. After reading … Read more Earned Value Analysis: Formulas, Calculation & Example

Scientific Estimation

This is a follow-up post of my previous post 8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects. We can successfully execute and deliver the project within specified time and budget by estimating the size of the project scientifically. There are upteen estimation techniques and they are different for different industries. And within a industry they … Read more Scientific Estimation