3 Differences Between Configuration Management vs Change Management

configuration management vs change management

Is configuration management part of change management? Or, is it the other way around? A few months ago, there was an interesting discussion on one of the LinkedIn forum. The discussion was focused on configuration management vs change management. A few participants said that Configuration Management Plan is part of Change Management Plan. While other … Read more

Why Is Defect Repair Considered As A Change Request?

defect repair

A competent Project Manager can portray every Defect as a Change Request. An intelligent Client can introduce every Change Request as a Defect. I started managing projects long time ago. We used to have lot of fun in the earlier years. During that period, we used joke about defects and changes. Don’t get me wrong. … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Project Change Management Definitions

change management definition

There are many Change and Change Management Definitions floating around. Many Project Management Standards and Leading Professionals have different Change and Change Management Definitions. Let us talk about Change and Change Management Definition as described in PMBOK Guide. This post will help you if you and your Stakeholders have frequent run-ins. It will be useful … Read more

PMBOK Guide Change Management Process For PMP Exam

PMI Change Management process

You need to understand PMI’s change management process flow in order to answer PMP change request questions. The questions related to project changes in the PMP certification exam are long, confusing, unnerving, and difficult. Sometimes, all options seem to be the correct answer but they tend to become easy if you understand the steps involved … Read more

“Change” is Not Evil!

10 Steps For Effective Change Management Benjamin Disraeli would have made a great Project Manager. He was a British Prime Minister, parliamentarian and a Conservative statesman. He served in government for three decades, twice as Prime Minister. A famous quote is attributed to him Change is inevitable, change is constant. Benjamin Disraeli This is very … Read more