5 Steps That Define PMBOK Guide’s Project Risk Management Process

Project Risk Management

What is PMBOK Guide’s Project Risk Management Process? Nothing | Zilch | Nada | Zero That’s impossible! PMBOK Guide contains globally recognized Standard for Project Management. Surely the Guide would define a Project Risk Management Process. Let me state something that belies common wisdom. PMBOK Guide does not define a Project Risk Management Process. Before … Read more

“Change” is Not Evil!

10 Steps For Effective Change Management Benjamin Disraeli would have made a great Project Manager. He was a British Prime Minister, parliamentarian and a Conservative statesman. He served in government for three decades, twice as Prime Minister. A famous quote is attributed to him Change is inevitable, change is constant. Benjamin Disraeli This is very … Read more

Importance of PMP for career

importance of pmp for career

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has done a story on the importance of project management certification for today’s jobs.  Exam Time: More Firms Are Requiring Test-Taking . An excerpt Companies say the certifications are proof that their current or prospective employees meet an industry-wide standard. And, some companies say a growing number of their clients insist … Read more

How to read PMBOK? Concluding remarks!

pmbok concluding remark

This is a concluding article of 3 part series on “How to read PMBOK?” How to read PMBOK?How to read PMBOK? Part Deux! In order to read PMBOK quickly and understand it completely, one must:1. be an experienced PM2. read and absorb first 3 chapters fully before reading rest of the book3. read the book … Read more

Proactive Project Manager

This is a follow up post for my last two posts – 8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects and Scientific Estimation. I believe the word ‘Proactive’ in the title of this post is redundant. If a project manager is not proactive he should choose another job. Strong words but true. Disctionary.com defines proactive … Read more

Scientific Estimation

scientific estimation

This is a follow-up post of my previous post 8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects. We can successfully execute and deliver the project within specified time and budget by estimating the size of the project scientifically. There are upteen estimation techniques and they are different for different industries. And within a industry they … Read more

8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects

fixed price projects

I write 2 blogs. One is the current blog on project management while the other is blog on completely unrelated subject – Cricket: http://fifth-umpire.blogspot.com/ Why am I mentioning my Cricket blog here? The word ‘Fix‘ is a dreaded word both in cricket and project management. Match fixing is a bane in cricket. One always gets … Read more