What do you do if your application is selected for PMI audit process?

What happens when you go through PMI Audit Process?pmi audit process

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Frequently Asked Questions on PMI audit process.

The article was appreciated by many people. I am writing this article in continuation to my last article. I have written it along with the help of Dhaval. Dhaval was my student. He is an excellent human and he is due to appear in PMP Exam shortly. Dhaval contributed to most of the article and shared his experiences about the PMI audit process. Here are Dhaval’s experiences in his own words:

1. I had done my PMP application in October itself, within 2 days of application it was approved on PMI’s website.
2. It took me 1 month to gather the courage to pay the final exam fee and then schedule the exam at Prometric. I had spoken with someone with in-depth knowledge of the exam and she had mentioned that if the application is approved it will not come in audit, however imagine my surprise when I received the email about the audit.

In fact, when I had paid the full amount on PMI’s website, at the same moment I had received the email that my application is under audit.
3. PMI’s website is very self explanatory, they tell you what all documents you have to submit. In my case I had to submit photocopies of my 35 PDU certificate & my MBA degree.
Furthermore, I had to download pdfs of my projects from PMI’s website, which have to be then printed and signed by either your supervisor or any person who has / had intimate knowledge of the project and you (of course). Each project experience verification form has to be signed and then sealed in its own envelope and then signed across the lapel by the person who has verified your credential. PMI is very strict about confidentiality.
I had also called up PMI’s local office in Gurgaon and the executive told me that I should also include a covering letter explaining who has signed my verification forms, which I had done.
4. I had sent all the documents via DHL courier and it reached PMI’s Philadelphia office within 4 days (I had tracked the courier number on DHL’s website). I also got an email from PMI stating that my documents have been received and PMI will reply with the status in 7 business days.
5. Strangely neither my supervisor or I received any telephone or email from PMI (I guess my documents were in order); but after 10 calendar days I got an email stating that my audit is complete and I can now schedule my exam.
6. My validity has also been extended by 1 and half months till 28 Nov 2012, which is also good.

Dhaval will be appearing for PMP exam shortly. I wish him all the best for the exam and his future endeavors.

You should not get unduly worry about the audit. If you want to be extra sure about the PMI audit process then, you should buy PMI Exam Audit Kit. It contains a 40+ page pdf ebook, among other things, that will help you successfully passing the audit.

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3 thoughts on “What do you do if your application is selected for PMI audit process?”

  1. Hi,
    I submitted my application and it has been selected for audit process. As I read this blog, I noticed that you have mentioned audit forms need to be signed by supervisor and also me. How is it possible? Where can i sign on the audit form? There is no section for it. Also, since I sent the audit form to my manager who is in a different country right now, he will print, sign, seal and mail hardcopy back to me.
    I have another query apart from this, is it okay if my manager writes my address on the same envelope that he sealed while sending courier to me or should he put the sealed envelope inside another envelope and write my address on the outer one?
    Kindly clarify these. Thanks in advance.


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