The Best PMP Exam Tips & Tricks For Passing The Test In Your First Try

pmp exam tips

You will find the best PMP exam tips in this article. It contains a list of top tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you in passing the certification test in your first try. These tips will help you in all aspects of the PMP exam prep viz. understanding eligibility requirements, submitting application form, doing … Read more

Is PMP Certification Worth It? Salary Increase vs Cost [2022]

is pmp certification worth it project management

Is PMP certification worth it? Does it have enough value to improve your career prospects and increase your salary? PMP certification is definitely worth the money and effort. As per the PMI’s project management salary survey, median salary of a PMP certified project manager in North America is 25% higher than those without the certification. … Read more

PMP Certification Cost: Exam Fee & Other Expenses [2022]

pmp certification cost and exam fee

PMP (Project Management Professional) is one of the costliest professional exams. The PMP certification can cost anywhere between $750 to $3000. The major amount of money is spent on the exam fee and training expenses. The former is paid to the PMI (Project Management Institute) and costs $555 whereas the latter can cost anywhere between … Read more