Is PMP Certification Worth It Given Its Ridiculously Exorbitant Cost?

is pmp certification worth it

Is PMP certification worth it? Is PMP certification valuable enough to give a good salary? In this post, you will find a comparison of the expenses involved in PMP (exam fee and all the other costs) against the potential increase in the income. You might be contemplating about pursuing the PMP certification. But, you know … Read more

PMP Certification Cost: Exam Fee & Other Expenses [2021]

pmp certification cost and exam fee

I have written this article to explain various components of the PMP certification cost. It will help you in estimating your expenditure and preparing a budget for yourself. The total cost of PMP certification can range from about $750 to $3000. Now, this is a very wide range but, if you want, you can limit … Read more

PMP Certification Requirements In 2021: The Ultimate Guide

pmp certification requirements/exam prerequisites

PMP certification is one of the most popular and highest paying credential in the world. In order to apply for the PMP exam, you should meet the basic eligibility criteria as prescribed by the Project Management Institute (PMI). You will find detailed explanation of PMP certification requirements in this post. It will help you in … Read more

Importance of PMP for career

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has done a story on the importance of project management certification for today’s jobs.  Exam Time: More Firms Are Requiring Test-Taking . An excerpt Companies say the certifications are proof that their current or prospective employees meet an industry-wide standard. And, some companies say a growing number of their clients insist … Read more