Follow This PMP Exam Study Plan To Pass In First Try

You might be looking for a PMP exam study plan. A PMP certification exam prep plan is most useful for your studies.

As a project manager, you would know that a plan is one of the most important thing for the success of a project. So let me share one for your studies.

In this post I am presenting the success story of Benjamin Harvey. He cracked the PMP exam within a 5 week schedule.

I connected with him on Reddit and he graciously allowed me to share his story on my blog. Next words are from Benjamin.

Benjamin’s  PMP Exam Study Plan

I passed the PMP exam today with have only studied for 5 weeks. I know very unordinary, and I’ll admit I was nervous going into the exam but passed with an overall AT. My year for eligibility expired the day after my exam so this was my only shot without having to reapply (pay full price) to retake in the event I failed.

My background is an engineering project manager. Our process for projects at my work is vastly different than the PMBOK. I did approach studying for the exam in a well thought out the technical way. Here was my technique.

Week 1-2.5: Read and took notes on Andy Crowe’s study guide and reference PMBOK for more detail. I hand wrote everything out and filled three note pads.

Week 2.5-3.5: I spent this time typing my notes and referring to the PMBOK for greater understanding of all the processes and their functions and their relations. As I typed each knowledge area I would take the 25 question quiz at the end of Andy Crowe’s study guide and time myself for a “baseline”.

Week 3.5-5: With my now typed notes it was time to dive into some practice tests. I used many resources for this, including many of which I found here in this thread. After completing probably just over 1000 questions I was testing at the 68% – 75% range. This made me very nervous. During week 4 I also went through the entire Exam prep seminar by Joseph Phillips online. The two days before the test I took off work and read through the PMBOK two more times. I feel this REALLY helped in bringing everything together.

PMP Exam: My technique was to answer questions I knew were right, make “assumptions” on ones I wasn’t sure and mark those. I skipped anything related to formulas and marked them to return to. Probably only skipped 5 questions then went back and solved those. At this point I still had 1:15 left, this gave me plenty of time to review my marked questions. I probably changed half of my answers to those. After review, I finished with about 4 minutes left. BOOM, PASSED!

All in all, very stressful few weeks of studying but it’s what I had to do. Thanks to everyone who posts in this thread!

Over To You

Do you think that you can pass the exam in such a short time? So what are your techniques?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

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