Become Certified before PMP Exam Change!

Did you know that there is a Change to “PMP Exam Change”?

PMP Exam Change

Yes! You read it right.

PMI was planning “PMP Exam Change” from November 1, 2015. They have now postponed the date of Change to January 11, 2016.

You should know that only Exam Version is changing. The PMBOK Guide is NOT changing. The latest edition of PMBOK Guide is Fifth edition. PMBOK Guide is not likely to change for another 2 years.

The 5 domains for Project Management Practice are same as before. These are:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

However PMI would change the percentage of questions coming from Executing and Closing domains. PMI has also added 8 new tasks to Project Manager’s  Role in these 5 domains.

You can refer to PMP Exam Changes and Frequently Asked Questions for more details on this topic.

The last date for the current version of exam would be January 11, 2016. PMI will administer new version of Exam from January 12, 2016.

Postponement of “PMP Exam Change” must be a good news for PMP aspirants.

Here is an except from PMI’s website.

The PMP exam update has moved to 11 January 2016 to allow all stakeholders adequate time to prepare for this change.


In my opinion, this is neither a good news nor a bad news. If you want to become PMP certified, then you should take the Exam immediately. Remember, that it was your decision to become PMP certified. PMI’s postponement or any other external factors should not influence your decision. It takes less than 8 weeks to prepare for the exam. To avoid last minute rush at Prometric centers, you should plan to write the exam early December 2015.

Stop Wasting Time! Take PMP certification as a Project and complete it within a predefined time-frame. There are many benefits of doing PMP so complete it as early as possible. You can join a good online training program to meet basic 35 contact hour requirement.

Good Luck!

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

Leon C. Megginson

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