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One of the most frequently asked question for PMP exam is “how can I memorize ITTOs?”. My personal belief is that memorization of ITTOs is over-rated and is not really required. PMP exams is a very logical exam and can be easily cracked by a practicing project manager. It tests conceptual understanding of project management rather than focusing on pure theoretical questions. It does not mean that theoretical question or ITTO related questions are not part of the exam. They are and one must be prepared for them. However pure mugging up will not help in solving these questions rather a logical understanding of concepts is required. One must study PMBOK process flow diagrams – they are helpful for logical understanding of ITTOs. Recently one of my students passed PMP examination. His name is Sagar and I must congratulate him for successfully cracking the exam within 4 weeks of training course. I would like to share his post exam comments with the readers.

the exam tests a person on the concepts so mugging up will not help. My biggest apprehension before taking the test was that i had not “memorized” the ITTOs of the 42 processes. Over a period of time, after doing my preparation I realized that if i was offered 4 choices for an ITTO for a particular process, I will be able to relate it to the right process and in my case it worked.

Closing remarks

Memorize the ITTOs. Understand the concepts.

I have created a comprehensive PMP ITTO Guide. It provides 55 helpful techniques to solve ITTO questions. It solves a few example questions (taken from popular sources) using these techniques. I think you should buy PMP ITTO Guide – it will help you in your exam preparation and boost your confidence.

I would also recommend that you buy ITTO Memory Jogger by Cornelius Fichtner, which will complement my PMP ITTO Guide. You can also look at PMP Exam Flashcards by Cornelius Fichtner, which provides a comprehensive knowledge of PMBOK Guide terminology. It would help you in understanding processes & ITTO.

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