5 Must Follow Exam Tips On How To Pass PMP in First Attempt

Do you want to how to pass PMP in first attempt?

I am sure you do. So, why not read first hand experience of a recently anointed PMP. In this post, I have shared PMP certification exam preparation jouney of Deepak Chander. He passed the credential exam in first try in October 2016. He has kindly documented his experience and shared a few tips & suggestions that can help other aspirants to clear the exam.

I conducted a PMP exam prep workshop in July 2016. Deeapk was part of that workshop. Right from the start of the program, my first impression was Deepak was highly motivated about the PMP exam. Throughout the workshop he was attentive and was asking right questions. I am glad that he is the first person from his batch to crack the exam.

I feel very happy for Deepak and wish him good luck for life ahead. Without any further delay, let me share Deepak’s experience in his own words.

how to pass pmp in first attempt

Deepak’s Experience – How To Pass PMP In First Attempt?

I am writing this blog to share my experience with all of you & the strategies I followed to get through PMP in first attempt.

My PMP preparation span over 5 months. First two months for only PMBOK reading. I admit, I didn’t understood much of it but was good enough to get the basic ideology of projects, processes, knowledge areas & PMBOK structure.

Then comes the 35 contact hour training. That was a booster & kick start for the rest of preparation. It sets foundation & clears basic fundamental of the management practices. It was helpful to understand the meaning & relations among ITTOs.

After training I completed the thorough reading from Headfirst & covered the chapter wise questions. I read somewhere that the Headfirst is not the perfect book for PMP, But must say it is the easiest book to understand & interesting to read. Choose one which suits you well.

It took 2 month to cover all content from Headfirst. Then I scheduled my exam date & according plan for my end phase study & 7 days leave just before exam.

End phase study involved taking simulator test & looking after pitfalls. I covered nearly 2600 question(many of them were repeated). During my end-phase study I referred PMBOK for every issue or concept. This was my best shot of preparation…I believe.
Then finally cleared PMP.


5 Most Important Tips From Deepak

  1. Read & understand every word of PMBOK.
  2. Get a better understanding of PMBOK structures & popular terms before 35 hours training so that you get most of time in understanding the rest.
  3. Get one more book for variation & further analysis.
  4. Get Online Test Simulator. This will provide you thousands of questions. Leverage to create your own test both Knowledge area based & Process group based. Closely assess your progress & practice what pulls you behind.
  5. Schedule your exam at least 20-25 day before your desire date & plan last couple of weeks very specifically.


Study Material Used

Joseph Phillips PMP Training Course on Udemy (All mock tests and flashcards)

Head First PMP Study Guide

Rita Mulcahy’s Book (Only questions of few chapters)

Christopher Scordo’s PMP Exam Simulator



Over To You

What strategy are following to prepare for the exam? Which training program have you taken? Which exam simulator have you bought? Do you think you can clear the exam in first try?

Please leave a comment.


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