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project management software

Information Technology (IT) has grown at a rapid pace in last few years. Today, IT plays a very important role in our lives. We are surrounded with Devices and Software Tools. It is almost impossible to think of doing anything worthwhile without using a Tool. Software Tools play their own part.

Alas! Project Management has been left behind.

Oh! Don’t get me wrong. The science of Project Management has also grown in last 50 years of so. Today, it is considered to be an important Function of any organization. However, Project Management is still done without using proper Software Tools. The usage of Project Management Software, at best, is very poor. Generic Spreadsheets are more popular than proper Project Management Software Tools.

The usage of Project Management Software Tools has grown in past decade but it is still not good. If you are serious about Project Management, you should use a proper Software tool. There are many reasons for poor usage of Software tools. One of the main reasons is exorbitant cost of most of the popular Software Tools. In recent past some companies have launched a few cheap free Project Management Software tools. You can consider using one of these free tools, if you have a budget constraint.

Do we really have free Project Management Software tools?

Some of the Project Management Software tools are free with some limitations. Feature-wise, free tools are nowhere near popular Project Management Software tools. Nonetheless, they are useful for managing small projects.

Recently I came across an article which gives a brief comparison of free and open source Project Management Software tools. I found the article to be useful. I thought of sharing it with my blog followers. The article is written in a lucid manner and it provides a quick overview of 6 different Project Management Software tools. This article will be useful if you considering buying or using a Project Management Software tool.

Read on.

[infobox color=”#dcf2d3″ textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”plus-circle”]Comparison of 6 Free and Open Source Project Management Software Tools[/infobox] [infobox color=”orange” textcolor=”#000000″ icon=”warning”]You should consider buying a fully featured Project Management Software if you are serious about Project Management.[/infobox]


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