3 Key Differences Between Project Program and Portfolio

project program and portfolio

Do you understand the difference between Project, Program and Portfolio Management? Generally all of us use Project, Program and Portfolio in day to day language without really giving a thought about the underlying meaning of these terms. But, most of the project managers find it difficult to distinguish between these terms. I have written this […]

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Beginners Guide To Project Dependencies – Definition, Examples & Diagrams

project dependecies examples definition

I have written this post to provide a complete explanation of Project Dependencies. You will find the definition, meaning and examples of project management dependencies in this post. You will also see small diagrams that will help help you in understanding the concept easily. This is the third post in a series to describe generally […]

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Are Competitors, Project Stakeholders?

Answer I That’s obvious! They are Negative Project Stakeholders. Answer II Many PMP books and forum explain it otherwise. They assert, according to PMBOK Guide, Competitors are not Project Stakeholders. So which is the correct answer? Well! None of the answers is entirely correct. PMBOK Guide does not say anything about the Competitors as Project […]

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How is Project Sponsor Role Different From Customer’s?

project sponsor role definition customer

Project Sponsor vs Customer – Role & Definition When you think about project funding, you would think about Project Sponsor Role. So what is the role of Customer? Doesn’t Customer provide funds for the project? Is Project Sponsor same as Customer? Is Customer and Client same? I am often asked these kind of questions during […]

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