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3 Differences Between Configuration Management vs Change Management

configuration management vs change management

Is configuration management part of change management? Or, is it the other way around? A few months ago, there was an interesting discussion on one of the LinkedIn forum. The discussion was focused on configuration management vs change management. A few participants said that Configuration Management Plan is part of Change Management Plan. While other […]

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Difference Between Work Performance Data and Work Performance Information

work performance data work performance information

Do you know the difference between Data and Information? Data and Information are common terms in the realm of Data Science. These terms have specific meanings. The difference between these two terms can be easily understood by looking at the above two images. In very simple language, we can say that Computing Devices need Data […]

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Why is Defect Repair Considered as a Change Request?

defect repair

9ud7k7yubgg What is Defect Repair? I started managing projects long time ago. We used to have lot of fun in early days. During that period, we had a common joke in our organization A competent Project Manager can portray every Defect as a Change Request. On the other hand, an intelligent Client can introduce every […]

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What is a Change Management?

Defining Change Management Let us answer “What is Change?” before we look at the Change Management definition. What is a Change? Project Managers and other stakeholders are often stumped by this question. Sometimes Change related discussions turn ugly. They can even become personal “me vs. you” debates. These discussions are not healthy for a project. […]

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9 Rules to Answer PMP Change Management Questions

How to Answer PMP Change Management Questions Correctly? PMP Change Management questions are considered to be difficult questions. The questions are long, confusing and unnerving. Sometimes, all the options seem to be the correct answer. While answering these questions, usually the aspirants are not sure about the correct answer. Look at the adjacent picture. Does […]

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5 Differences Between Project Charter and Contract

project charter

Project Charter Definition, Meaning and Purpose A few years ago, I got an assignment to setup PMO for a small software services company. After understanding their business and organization structure, I advised them to start creating Project Charter (PC) for every project. I provided a brief overview of PC to the main stakeholders and gave […]

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8 ways to meet budget in Fixed Price Projects

I write 2 blogs. One is the current blog on project management while the other is blog on completely unrelated subject – Cricket: Why am I mentioning my Cricket blog here? The word ‘Fix‘ is a dreaded word both in cricket and project management. Match fixing is a bane in cricket. One always gets […]

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